Global Opportunities Competition

The Global Opportunities photo, video and blog competition is open to all Leeds students who have completed a global opportunity during the 2022/23 academic year. This could include a study abroad placement for a semester or full year, completing a summer school programme, and also international work placements or volunteering. Submissions from both online and in person experiences are welcome!

This year the six categories are:


  • Landscapes & Cityscapes
  • Activity and Adventure
  • Learning something new  
  • A moment that made me go WOW  


LeedsUniAbroad Blog

The Global Opportunities Competition is now closed, and will reopen again next summer!

Take a look at last year’s winners down below.


Study Abroad 2022/23 Competition Winners

LeedsUniAbroad Blog: Isobel Gaul – Università Ca'Foscari Venezia

Isobel’s post, ‘A Tavola Non S’invecchia’ – At the table, one does not grow old’ can be found over on our LeedsUniAbroad blog here

LeedsUniAbroad Video: Laura Byrne – University of Wollongong

“WANDERLUST - Australia. My favourite moments from this year!”

Watch the winning video entry on our Instagram page here

Landscapes & Cityscapes: Mollie Wrangles – Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

“View of Rio de Janeiro at night from Sugar loaf Christ the Redeemer glowing in the back!”

View from Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro



A Moment That Made Me Go WOW!: Holly Perkins – University of Calgary

“The Northern Lights - on my penultimate night in Calgary, all hope of seeing the Northern Lights had almost been lost. Luckily one of my friends had checked the forecast and convinced me to go and look one last time. Not only did we get to see them, we didn't even have to leave the university campus! This was the view from just outside our accommodation  - a huge tick on my bucket list!”

Northern Lights seen from Calgary's campus.


Learning Something New: Lily Norreys – Carleton university 

Hiking in the sand dunes


Activity & Adventure: Lucy Abrahams – Towson University

“Utah - Bryce Canyon national park. Learning about Hoodoos (a specific rock formation)”

Zion National Park