Mental health support

Disability Services provides support for a range of mental health conditions. We work with your academic department to address any barriers to learning created by a mental health condition and ensure that you are able to access all aspects of your studies. 

Like the Student Counselling and Wellbeing Service we support students who are experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties. However, the students that we advise have a long-term diagnosis, and the emphasis of our work is on practical support for study rather than therapeutic interventions.

You can find out more about the kind of support provided by Disability Services, and how it differs from that provided by Student Counselling and Wellbeing below:

Disability Services mental health support (PDF)

Disability Services mental health support (Word)

Other sources of support 

If you’re experiencing mental health concerns whilst at University, don’t struggle in silence. Help, support and a listening ear can be found across campus and online at the following places:

Student Counselling and Wellbeing

Student Counselling and Wellbeing are here to support you at times of any emotional, psychological or mental health difficulties. They welcome students of any age, class, ethnicity, faith, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity. Offering 1:1 counselling, group sessions and workshops on a range of topics, they are a useful point of call during difficult times.

The Chaplaincy

The University’s chaplaincy services offer independent and confidential support if you're finding life difficult or are experiencing indecision or grief. They also provide a 24/7 emergency phone line and a drop-in service. 


Togetherall is a free online service that provides 24/7 online peer and professional support with trained counsellors in cases of any mental health problems, from anxiety, depression, stress and trauma, to relationship problems and lifestyle challenges