Degree Apprenticeships

Degree Apprentice courses combine full-time employment with studying for a foundation, undergraduate or a master’s degree. Disability Services provides support for disabled Degree Apprentices for the university-based study elements of their course.

As a Degree Apprentice, you are eligible for disability support via a range of channels. Disability Services can guide you through this process, as well as giving you advice on the relevant medical or diagnostic evidence you need to complete a registration with us.


The first step to accessing support during the university-based part of your Degree Apprentice course is to register with Disability Services. There are two parts to the registration process:

• Complete the sign up form

• Send relevant medical or diagnostic evidence to You can find information about evidence requirements here.


There are two levels of support available at university for disabled Degree Apprentices. 

University adjustments

Once you have registered with Disability Services, we can recommend reasonable adjustments for you to your academic School. These may include:

• Exam arrangements (such as extra time)

• Assistive technology sessions with our Assistive Technology Advisor at Disability Services

• Receiving handouts and lecture presentations in advance

• Permission to make personal recordings of teaching sessions 

• The loan of equipment (such as digital audio recorders)

• Access to private study rooms in the library

• An assessment of your academic support needs

• Information and support from the Disability team.

Funded support

You may also be eligible for additional funded support. Following your registration, Disability Services will coordinate access to the relevant forms of support, which may include:

• Non-medical helpers (such as 1:1 Specialist Study Skills Tutor, Specialist Mentor or a Personal Assistant) 

• Specialist equipment available for your exclusive use for the duration of your study (such as a laptop, assistive technology such as screen readers and speech-to-text software, digital recorders and mind-mapping software)

• Assistive Technology training  

Please note: Degree Apprentice students are not eligible for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA). However, equivalent support is available via other channels. Disability Services can advise you of this.

Needs Assessment

The process for determining which types of additional funded support you can access is known as a Study Needs Assessment. This is an individual assessment with an experienced study Needs Assessor which takes into account your disability and the requirements of the course you are studying.

The assessment generates a detailed report called the Needs Assessment Report which includes a list of recommendations for support for your university studies, as well as advice for academic faculties/Schools.

If you would benefit from additional funded support, your Disability Coordinator will refer you to a Needs Assessment at the Leeds Assessment Centre (based on the university campus at the Chemistry West block, in the same building as Disability Services).