Confidentiality, disclosure and data protection

The University takes issues relating to confidentiality, disclosure and data protection seriously. We respect your confidentiality and assure you that any information we share will be handled in a sensitive and discreet manner.


We understand that it takes courage to talk about your private and personal self. We'll keep your information confidential unless there's a reason to share it, and we'll usually ask for your permission to do so.

  • Any information you give to us will be kept strictly confidential.
  • We may share information about you with other staff within the particular team whose services you have accessed.
  • Some staff within the team receive regular clinical supervision and if a staff member discusses you in the context of their work, they'll do so without revealing your identity.
  • We'll ask your consent before sharing any information about you with your GP, other mental health workers, academic and University staff, and agencies and professionals outside the University. We always ask that the people we share your information with respect your confidentiality.
  • Unless otherwise agreed with the student, a disabled student’s sensitive information can be released within the University only for the assessment and provision of services.
  • We'll only disclose information about you if there is good reason to believe that you or someone else may be at serious risk of physical harm. Even then, unless the situation is an emergency, we will try to discuss things with you and obtain your consent before taking any action.

Information about your data: