Health care

As a student in Leeds, you'll need to register with a doctor, and be familiar with where to go if you need help, treatment or advice.



To register you will need to go to a doctor’s surgery and take the following documents:

  • proof of your identity (eg passport, driving licence etc)
  • proof of your student status (eg student card)
  • proof of your Leeds address (eg accommodation contract).

Most students choose to register with the Leeds Student Medical Practice located on the A660 near the University campus. You can also find a list of other local doctors on the NHS Choices website.

Meningitis and septicaemia

The NHS recommend that you should be vaccinated against meningitis C, ideally before arrival. If you haven’t had a Meningitis vaccination before coming to Leeds, you should make an appointment with your doctor once you have registered. For further information about meningitis and septicaemia, please read this NHS information.

Meningitis and meningococcal septicaemia (blood poisoning) are serious diseases that can strike rapidly with little warning and, if left untreated, could be fatal. Outbreaks of meningitis tend to occur where people live or work closely together, such as at university and living in shared student accommodation. 

Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR)

Measles, mumps and rubella are highly infectious conditions that can have serious, potentially fatal complications to those who haven't been appropriately vaccinated. Within Universities over the past few years in the UK, there have been a number of reports of mumps and measles amongst students who have not been vaccinated or have just had one MMR immunisation in their lives. 

The MMR vaccine is available for free to anyone who has not received both doses as a child. If you’re unsure whether you’re up to date, you can contact your GP to check. If you’ve not had two MMR doses, please arrange a free catch up vaccination with your GP as soon as possible. 

Emergency healthcare

Leeds General Infirmary Accident & Emergency Department: Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3EX. Tel. 0113 243 2799

St James's Hospital Accident & Emergency Department: Beckett Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS9 7TF

Emergency services: Tel. 999

NHS 24-hour helpline (Health advice):  Tel. 111

Both the emergency services and the NHS helpline are free to call from any phone and operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

International students

If you are an international student, check our page on health advice for international students for information about healthcare in the UK.