Exam regulations

Do not compromise your future at the University of Leeds by breaking the exam regulations; know what is or is not acceptable behaviour in an exam room; know what you can or cannot take into an exam room.

The University of Leeds takes cheating very seriously.  Cheating in University examinations is an absolute offence. Visit the Cheating, Plagiarism, Fraudulent or Fabricated Coursework and Malpractice in University Examinations and Assessments Regulations page to familiarise yourself with the rules before your exams.

When sitting an examination at the University of Leeds you must follow the rules and regulations.  If you are caught breaking these you will be reported for exam misbehaviour or cheating in the exams.

The University of Leeds definition of cheating is that candidates shouldn't, intentionally or otherwise:

  • introduce unauthorised items into the examination room – e.g. notes (however they are recorded), or other unauthorised material (including blank paper), mobile telephones or pagers, portable or laptop computers or other electronic devices (this list is not exhaustive)
  • copy from other candidates or from notes
  • access or copy from sources of information (except what is allowed by the examiners or the head of exams) or annotate or mark this authorised information (except as authorised by the examiners)
  • disobey the regulations relating to calculators
  • communicate in any way with other candidates or person(s) except the invigilators
  • remove script books (blank or otherwise) from the examination room.

Do not slip up.  If you are suspected of any of the above you will be reported. 

In previous cases, where students have been suspected and found guilty of exam misbehaviour or cheating, the students were expelled from the University.  They did not get the chance to finish their studies and receive an award.  Don’t be like them.
Once in the room do not break the rules, not even to talk to a friend to wish them good luck.  In the exam room, you are under examination conditions and talking is regarded as an attempt to cheat.