About the Plus Programme

Our exclusive opportunities, events, and more will help you develop the skills and confidence to thrive at Leeds and beyond.

What is the Plus Programme? 

The Plus Programme is a scheme for UK-fee paying Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students who come from backgrounds that are less represented at university. We are here to make sure you have access to all the opportunities at Leeds and to help you achieve everything you want while you’re here.
The programme has three main strands:
  • Transition: Starting university is a huge life change. We’re here to help you settle in and work with you in the next chapter of your education. But there’ll be lots of transitions throughout your time at Leeds - perhaps you’re privately renting for the first time, coming back to Higher Education after some time away or you’re starting to write your dissertation. We’re here to help you navigate these changes throughout your time here.
  • Success: We’re here to boost your success - personally and academically. We do this by helping you access services and opportunities you might need so that you can focus on your studies.
  • Progression: We provide exclusive opportunities to help you achieve your post-university goals (or work out what they are) from your very first weeks at Leeds. From assessment centre practice runs to mentoring to insight days with companies, there’s a range of activities on offer to you! We also have dedicated contacts within the Careers Service, where you have priority access.

Who’s in the Plus Programme?

Most eligible students don’t need to sign up to the Plus Programme, they’ll be added automatically because they meet this criteria. The types of students we work with include:
  • Care leavers / care experienced students
  • Students who do not have parental support (estranged)
  • Students entering the University from an area of low participation
  • Undergraduate Means-Tested Scholars
  • Leeds Masters Scholars
  • Sanctuary Scholarship recipients
  • Former young carers
  • Students who enrol on The Black Student Peer Mentoring Scheme or our other Coaching Programmes for Minoritised Ethnicities
  • Students who completed or were offered a place on Access to Leeds, Reach for Excellence, Realising Opportunities, and other contextual admissions schemes
  • Students who have completed a Foundation Year with the Lifelong Learning Centre, Social Sciences, or Gateway to Medicine.
This list is not exhaustive and is developed on an ongoing basis in the response to the needs of different groups.

Can I join the Plus Programme?

Currently, there are a few student groups who can join the Plus Programme after beginning their studies. Click one of the following links to see if you are eligible to self-refer to the Plus Programme:

What can the Plus Programme do for me?

We’re here for you throughout your time at Leeds. Here’s how:
  • Signposting: We know the university is huge and it can be difficult to know where to go if you need some help. If you ever need an answer or some help, get in touch with us and we’ll be able to direct you to the right place.
  • Events: We offer dozens of exclusive free events all year to help you build your skills and feel comfortable at Leeds. You’ll also receive exclusive or priority access to lots of events at the Careers Service.
  • The LUU Clubs and Societies Fund: Join a club or society with LUU and you might be eligible to receive some of your membership reimbursed.
  • The LUU Associated Costs Fund: As long as you meet the eligiblity criteria, you might be eligible to receive up to £200 reimbursed from costs you incur as a society member.
  • The Opportunities Fund: Apply to the Opportunities Fund to access up to £500 for professional development opportunities like internships, interviews, and conferences.
  • Weekly Activity Updates: Every week we bring you news of the best activity from all over campus and the city of Leeds, direct to your inbox so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Mentoring Opportunities: A range of schemes enabling you to have a go at mentoring other Plus Programme students as well as being mentored by professionals.
  • Social Media Community: Follow us on Instagram to meet other Plus Programme students, learn from others and find out about what’s happening this week. We also have a LinkedIn page where you can start building your network and find out about current student friendly vacancies.
  • Estranged and Care Leaver Support: We have an exclusive offering available only for students who are estranged or care experienced.

How can I get in touch with the Plus Programme? 

Currently we’re working remotely but we’re still available to get in touch with 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. You can get in touch by sending us an email at theplusprogramme@leeds.ac.uk
We’re also happy to arrange a call or video call if you would like to speak in-person.

Who are we? 

Katie Warrior – Plus Programme Intern
Lisa Firth and Kieran Launder – Plus Programme Administrators
Liv Powell and Steven Forsyth – Plus Programme Senior Officers
Libby Johnstone – Student Involvement Project Senior Officer
Elen Rose (maternity leave), Ciara Middleton, and Alex Ferguson – Plus Programme Lead Officers
Jenn Coates – Plus Programme Senior Lead Officer