Other mental health and counselling services in Leeds

When we are struggling with how we feel or have experienced a significant life event, it can be helpful to talk with someone about that which is troubling us.

Sometimes a friend or family member may be able to support us, but there are times when it is beneficial to speak with an impartial, professional person. Where difficulties have existed for some time, longer-term counselling may be advised and you may be encouraged to look at the services that provide longer-term counselling and support in the Leeds area. 

Common difficulties that counselling can help with include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic
  • Emotional distress
  • Bereavement 
  • Relationships
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Eating disorders
  • Self-harm
  • Physical and sexual abuse 

There are a number of counselling and therapy services in Leeds that offer free or low cost counselling in addition to services and individuals that offer fee-applicable counselling. There are a range of services available that provide therapeutic support for a range of common problems and also those which offer specialist support in response to life events. 

Detailed below are some of the organisations and services available in the Leeds area that provide counselling, therapeutic interventions and psychological support. 

Leeds LMWS 

Leeds LMWS (Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service) is an NHS service that provides psychological interventions and talking therapy in and around the Leeds district.  LMWS provide treatments for common psychological difficulties such as anxiety, depression, and panic, or in response to life events, that whilst an everyday part of life may have become problematic or beyond an individual’s capacity to cope with on a day to day basis. 

There are a variety of treatments available including online, group and individual treatments that are delivered at a range of locations and venues throughout the Leeds area. In order to access the LMWS service you can refer yourself either via the LMWS website and ‘Refer Yourself’ link, or by telephone. 

For more information regarding the service and the treatments available, please see the LMWS website by accessing the link below:



Mindwell is an NHS funded resource that offers mental health information for everyone in Leeds. 

The Mindwell website provides information regarding commonly experienced problems, for example, anxiety, depression, sleep, worry or responses to challenging life events such as bereavement. Also provided are self-help tools for aiding better understanding of psychological and emotional problems, and details of where to find support in Leeds for yourself, or for someone that you are concerned about. 

More information regarding Mindwell can be accessed via the link below:


Cruse Bereavement Care Leeds

Cruse Bereavement Care is a national charity for bereaved people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with accessible services in most major cities. Cruse offer support, advice and information when someone dies. The service provides free, confidential emotional support to anyone who has been affected by a bereavement, no matter how long ago or what the circumstances were, and includes face-to-face, telephone, email and website based support. 



Relate specialise in providing relationship support for individuals and couples, including Family Counselling, Children’s and Young People’s Counselling, Mediation and Sex Therapy, with accessible services at various locations throughout the UK.   Please note that Relate services in Leeds are now closed (updated: October 2018)



MESMAC offer services to various communities within the Yorkshire district. The communities supported include:

  • Men who have sex with men
  • BME people
  • People misusing drugs
  • Sex workers
  • LGB&T young people and adults

For further information regarding the help and support that MESMAC provide please see: http://www.mesmac.co.uk

Forward Leeds

Forward Leeds is the alcohol and drug service in Leeds for adults, young people and families. They offer a range of services during the week and can be contacted by telephone or by email. For further information regarding Forward Leeds and the support that is available, please see the link below:


Leeds Domestic Violence Service

Leeds Domestic Violence Service provide women and men in the Leeds area with a range of community based services, including temporary supported housing, IDVA (independent domestic violence advocate) support, community outreach support, a 24 hour telephone helpline, drop-ins and support groups. They provide a confidential and discrete service. Further information of the support available can be found at https://ldvs.uk/

SARSVL Support After Rape And Sexual Violence In Leeds

SARSVL offer a specialist counselling service, supporting women and girls who have experienced sexual violence of any kind at any time in their lives. SARSVL  are professionally approved by Rape Crisis. The service offers one-to-one and group counselling in a women-only space.  A telephone helpline is a provided and is available during evenings and weekends. 

More information can be found at: http://supportafterrapeleeds.org.uk/ 

Private Practice Counselling and Psychotherapy

If you wish to access private counselling or psychotherapy there are a number of privately practicing professionals in Leeds.  

The links below provide information and guidance on choosing a therapist and provide directories of local practitioners. 

BACP registered therapists

UKCP registered therapists

Fees will vary per practitioner.

Please note, the Student Counselling and Wellbeing Service cannot recommend specific therapists.

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