Not attending a ceremony

If you're not attending your graduation ceremony, we'll post your certificate to you once the ceremonies have finished. If you attend a ceremony, you'll receive your certificate on stage.

You must confirm your attendance or non-attendance online in advance to be able to receive your degree certificate.


We will post the certificate to your permanent home address. If you would like us to post it somewhere else, please choose an alternative “degree certificate” address via the Portal.

We do not charge for standard postage: this means we do not charge for first-class post to UK addresses, and standard airmail to international addresses. Please note, standard air mail cannot be tracked.

DHL Delivery

If you wish to have tracked delivery, you can pay for DHL delivery of your degree certificate through the University of Leeds Store. You need to make sure that you have registered your graduation choice as in absentia through the online graduation registration system in the Portal before you purchase DHL delivery.   

When you buy DHL delivery, make sure you choose the “original certificate (in absentia)” option under the “What is delivery for?” field.