Return of Title IV funds

If you’re receiving US Federal Student Aid through the Direct Lending Program you'll need to know how the funds will be affected if you withdraw from the University.

Financial support provided under Title IV of the Higher Education Act will be refunded in line with the University refund policy and Federal regulations.


The decision as to what happens to your Title IV funds if you withdraw from an institution without completing the payment period or enrolment period is governed by the Return of Title IV Aid requirements of section 484B Higher Education Act (HEA) 1965 (as amended) and section 668.22 of the Student Assistance General Provisions regulations. The Return of Title IV Aid requirements were added to the HEA by the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 (Public Law 105-244, enacted 7 October 1998).

Loan programmes governed by these regulations are:

  • Federal Stafford Subsidised Loan
  • Federal Stafford Unsubsidised Loan
  • Federal PLUS Loan.

The amount of Title IV funds (Stafford and PLUS loans) you may have to return as “unearned” Financial Aid as a result of withdrawal from the University is different and independently calculated from a refund of fees charged by the University following your withdrawal from a programme.

Responsibility for fee payment

You are solely responsible for the full and timely payment of your fees.


Lead-in period

If you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate student and leave your course within the first two weeks of the start date you will not have to pay your tuition fees.

After the first two weeks

Undergraduate and postgraduate fees are charged weekly (pro rata).

Withdrawal procedure

Undergraduate and taught postgraduate students who decide to leave University permanently must complete a Leavers Form. These are available from your parent school or the Student Services Centre counter. Research postgraduate Leavers Forms (Word) are available online. It’s essential that you complete the leavers procedure properly stating your last date of attendance and reason for leaving. The date on your Leavers Form determines your tuition fee refund. You need to submit your signed and completed form, together with your Student ID card to your parent school.

If you don’t follow the correct procedure then you might be deemed as still in attendance. This means that you have to pay tuition fees until your contract with the University is terminated.

If you’re an international student considering withdrawing from your course either temporarily or permanently then it’s important to contact the International Student Office for immigration advice before making your decision.

Loan disbursement

We are required to disburse Federal funds in multiple instalments as follows:

  • Undergraduates (and June-finishing postgraduates): two instalments, one at the beginning of each semester (two payment periods).
  • Postgraduates: three instalments, one at the beginning of each semester, and one in the summer term (three payment periods).

Fees for any programme are due to be paid in equal amounts in line with the disbursal of US loan funds.

Early programme withdrawal

Federal law specifies how we must calculate the amount of Federal Stafford Funding that you earn up to the point that you withdraw from the University.

If you withdraw prior to completing 60% of the payment period (100% of the period being the period from the disbursement of a loan instalment to the next disbursement) you have not "earned" all of your federal Financial Aid and a Return of Title IV Funds calculation must be performed.

No disbursements will be made to students who have withdrawn from their programmes.