How to contact your family and friends

During your time in Leeds, you'll want to keep in touch with your family and friends and you can do this via mobile and public phones, plus email and internet.

Email and Internet

You can find out how to get connected to the internet, log on to a University computer and access your University of Leeds email account on the IT website. You can also connect your device to Wi-Fi across most of the campus. If you need help with this, contact or visit the IT Service Desk

Mobile phone

Your welcome pack includes a no-obligation SIM card with enough credit for you to make a quick call home. The SIM card should fit any phone with either a standard, micro or nano SIM card slot. It can only be used in an unlocked phone.

If you want to buy a mobile phone in the UK, or use a SIM card for a different network, check the prices for different services before you choose. More information about the different options and points to check can be found on our Buying a mobile phone guide (PDF).

Phone cards

Phone cards are available to buy from Leeds University Union's ‘Essentials’ supermarket. Check the cost of calls and follow instructions on the card to use it.

Public phone boxes

You can find phone boxes next to the Parkinson Building, outside the Unipol Housing Hub, in Leeds University Union and as you walk from the Parkinson Building to the Engineering Building.