Groups and workshops

The Student Counselling Centre offers a range of groups and workshops designed to enhance your wellbeing, give you the opportunity to connect with others with similar experiences to you, and to develop new skills and self-awareness.

Find out what subjects are covered by the workshops, who they are aimed at, when they take place and more.


The meditation group offers participants experience of a large variety of relaxations, meditations and practices preparatory to meditation so, once you have been to a few sessions, you will have learnt which ones you can make best use of.

Our pdf gives more information about the meditation group, with contact details and information about venue, what to expect during the session and what to wear.

Runs: Weekly throughout the year
Time: Thursday 12-1.30pm
Venue: Room 6, level 1, Leeds University Union
Facilitator: James Taylor
Signing up: email James or turn up a little before the start time. 

The Meditation group will run at the usual time and place throughout the Easter break (24 March to 24 April) except 13 April when the University is closed.

Feel better faster group

A seven-week rolling programme of small group sessions (which you can join and leave as you wish) for any University of Leeds student who wants to manage their feelings and thoughts with more ease. It's particularly useful for students who suffer insomnia, anxiety, stress and depression. 

Signing up: To book a place, come to Reception at The Student Counselling Centre IN PERSON to put your name on the list.  Bookings are only taken 1 week ahead of each session.

Runs: All year round
Time: Fridays 2-3pm
Venue: The Group Room, Student Counselling Centre
Facilitator: James Taylor

Find out more information about Feel better faster (pdf).

Workshops on Wednesdays

An exciting programme of workshops specifically designed to help you develop interpersonal skills that will improve your experience of being a student at Leeds.  

The below workshops are running in the summer term starting April 26th.

You can sign up one week before they run. Places are limited and they fill up quickly.

Title: Getting a Good Night's Sleep
Time/Date: Wednesday 24th May, 12-1.30pm
Venue: The Group Room, Student Counselling Centre
Facilitator: Claire Garland

This workshop is for people wishing to manage sleep problems more effectively. In this practical workshop you will learn techniques for getting more - and more refreshing - sleep and for breaking vicious cycles where insomnia feeds stress, which in turn blocks sleep. 

The Getting a Good Night's Sleep worskshop is now open for sign up.

Please visit the Student Counselling Centre IN PERSON to sign up.

Title: Self-Compassion for Post-Graduate Students
Time/Date: Wedesday 7th June, 12-1.30pm
Venue: The Group Room, Student Counselling Centre
Facilitator: Tricia Kapur

Constantly giving yourself a hard time, and comparing yourself unfavourably to others - sound familiar? This workshop will explore how developing self-compassion can help build much needed emotional resilience to proceed through your post graduate study.

Parental loss group

If you have experienced the death of one or both of your parents (either recently or earlier in your life) and would like to meet with others who have some commonality of experience, you might consider joining this group. 

The primary aim of the group is to reduce the sense of isolation which is often felt by premature loss. Prior to the start of the group you will have an individual meeting with Liz, who will tell you some of what to expect from the group, so that an informed decision can be made as to whether the group is appropriate for you.

Runs: For eight consecutive Wednesdays at the Student Counselling Centre.
Time: 2.30-4pm
Dates: Runs in semester 2 each year 
Venue: The Student Counselling Centre
Facilitator: Liz Oxley

For further information please contact