Support workers

If you're a disabled student then we offer a range of support devised specifically for you based on your needs assessment, including strategy support, mentoring, note-taking and personal assistance.

There's a great range of support available for you, and we can help to ensure you're able to access all the relevant and appropriate sources of assistance. 

Needs assessment

Your needs assessment may have identified that you would benefit from the following:

  • strategy support
  • mentoring
  • note-taking
  • personal assistance.

Strategy support

This is for you if you have a specific learning difficulty (SpLD) or another disability that requires you to receive support in developing academic skills such as:

  • note-taking
  • essay planning and writing
  • time management.

Specialist tutors will provide you with individual sessions so that you're equipped with strategies to help you during your time at university and beyond.


Our mentors can help you develop and implement practical strategies for successful organisation, planning and managing of your workload. They may help you to put into practice the strategies developed in your strategy support sessions. Mentors can also help you to communicate with your academic department and other University services if you need support to do this.


Trained note-takers can take lecture and seminar notes on your behalf. The service is available for students according to their needs assessment recommendations, and may be recommended on the basis of (for example) auditory processing difficulties, physical impairments preventing you from taking your own notes or for those with visual or hearing impairments.

Current note-takers 2015-16

Personal assistance

A personal assistant provides non-medical support within the academic environment. This may include:

  • orientation support
  • help accessing the library (and locating books) and other campus facilities
  • assisting with PC work
  • guiding visually impaired students
  • supporting students with mobility difficulties to access campus venues.

Current personal assistants 2015-16