Blind or partially sighted

Tailored and general help is available to students with sight loss. We're experienced in supporting blind and partially-sighted students at the University.

There's a great range of support available for you, and we can help to ensure you are able to access all the relevant and appropriate sources of assistance. 

What is sight loss?

Sight loss affects individual students differently ranging from those who have no light perception at all (total blindness) to those who have a sight loss which is uncorrectable by aids such as glasses.

Your eye health might have been affected by:

  • a problem from birth
  • an inherited condition
  • an accident
  • an illness.

How might your university life be affected?

Many activities might be easy for you but some parts of university life may create difficulties, such as:

  • reading textbooks
  • getting around the campus
  • recognising people.

What condition-specific support is available?

In addition to general equipment and support services available to all University of Leeds disabled students, you can also get condition-specific help, some of which is free and some of which requires you to apply for additional funding.

Free support

Free support is available to you, including: 

Additionally, guide dogs are welcome and guide dog toilet facilities are available.

Additionally funded support

Transcription services to convert printed information into alternative formats are available for a fee.

How can you get all the help you need?

To ensure you get all the help you need, you can:

Medical evidence

To access some of the services your sight loss needs to have lasted, or be likely to last, for 12 months or more and have an impact on your studies. You will need to provide medical evidence from your GP or other health professional about the nature of your sight problem.