Physical and mobility impairments

We have many students with a physical or mobility impairment at the University. If you’re affected in this way then we can offer you support while you're a student with us.

There's a great range of support available for you, and we can help to ensure you are able to access all the relevant and appropriate sources of assistance. 

What is a physical or mobility impairment?

"Mobility impairment" and "physical impairment" are terms used to describe a vast range of physical difficulties an individual may experience. For example, your impairment may affect your whole body or part of it.

How might your university life be affected?

The impact of your impairment may vary depending on the tasks you are undertaking and how you are feeling on a particular day. You may need to use mobility equipment, such as a wheelchair or crutches, to help you get around. Examples of the kind of things you might need while you are a student include:

  • support from others to enable you to carry out daily tasks
  • consideration of the issues around accessibility, distance and the physical tasks involved when making day-to-day decisions.

What support is available?

General equipment and support services are available to all University of Leeds students affected by a disability or impairment. You can also get condition-specific help if you apply for additional funding.

How can you get all the help you need?

You can:

To access some of the services your disability or impairment needs to have lasted, or be likely to last, for 12 months or more and have an impact on your studies. You'll need to provide medical evidence from your GP or other health professional about the nature of your condition.