Deaf or hard of hearing

If you have a hearing impairment then you're not alone as there are other deaf and hard of hearing students at the University. General and condition-specific support is available to you during your time here if you'd like it.

There's a great range of support available for you, and we can help to ensure you are able to access all the relevant and appropriate sources of assistance. 

What is a hearing impairment?

You may have had a hearing impairment from birth or early childhood or it may have developed more recently. Your hearing might be affected in one or both ears and could range from profound deafness to a mild impairment.

You might use hearing aids to assist you or you may communicate through:

  • sign language
  • lip reading.
You might not give yourself a label or you might consider yourself to be:
  • part of the deaf community
  • partially deaf
  • partially hearing.

How might your university life be affected?

Many activities might be easy for you but you might find some aspects of university life difficult, for example:
  • needing to concentrate very hard when communicating with people and having to use guesswork some of the time
  • filtering out background noise
  • talking in groups
  • taking notes in lectures 
  • learning new vocabulary. 

What condition-specific support is available?

In addition to general equipment and support services available to all University of Leeds disabled students, you can also get condition-specific help, some of which is free and some of which requires you to apply for additional funding.

Free support

Free support available includes: 

  • information, support and advice from a specialist disability coordinator in English or British Sign Language
  • textphone and SMS text service based within the Disability team.

Additionally funded support

Other support is available at a cost, such as: 

  • 'live' typing so you can read what is being said
  • sign language interpreters during lectures and seminars
  • induction loop and infrared systems to improve your listening
  • specialist language support.

How can you get all the help you need?

To ensure you get all the help you need you can:
To access some of the services your hearing impairment needs to have lasted, or be likely to last, for 12 months or more and have an impact on your studies. You will need to provide medical evidence from your GP or other health professional about the nature of your hearing impairment. Usually you will need a copy of your most recent audiogram.