Graduation guide, checklist and deadlines

Our step-by-step graduation checklist will help you to understand the graduation process and what you need to do.

Our printable graduation guide will be uploaded shortly.

Before graduation

  1. Decide whether or not you want to attend your graduation ceremony.
  2. Register your decision via the the portal.
  3. Apply for up to two guest tickets via the portal if you want to attend your ceremony with guests.
  4. Clear any outstanding tuition fees to the University.
  5. Check we have your correct legal name on the University system.
  6. If you will not attend your graduation ceremony, check that we have your correct address.
  7. Order your academic gown if you want to attend your ceremony.
  8. Register your interest in any available extra tickets.
  9. Check you have passed your degree.
  10. Tell us if you want to appeal your classification.

On the ceremony day

  1. Arrive 90 minutes before the ceremony.
  2. Collect your tickets from the Student Union Building.
  3. Collect your gown from the Student Union  Building.
  4. Enter the Great Hall via the Baines Wing.
  5. Sit in your seat.
  6. Ceremony takes place.
  7. Receive your certificate.
  8. Return your gown to the Student Union Building.

Deadlines for Summer 2017 graduation

Pay University debts: 17 June
Registration closes: 24 June
Submit Legal name changes: 24 June
Order your gown: 24 June
Extra ticket requests open: 27 June at 12pm midday  
Extra ticket requests close: 29 June at 12pm midday