Study abroad competition

Each year the Study Abroad Office hosts a photo and video competition for students who have studied abroad.

Our 2016/17 competition is now open! The deadline for submissions is 1 September 2017. This competition is open to Leeds students who have studied abroad for a semester or year during the academic year 2016/17, and also students who have attended a summer school programme in summer 2017.


  • All entries are to be submitted via our online competition entry form. Please use your usual University of Leeds login details to access the form. 
  • You may submit up to three entries - these can be photos and/or videos.
  • Videos must be a maximum of two minutes in length. If you are using music in your video it will need to be music without copyright (free music without copyright can be found on the Internet). 
  • Photos must be uploaded via the entry form and for videos you will be asked to provide a YouTube link.
  • Ideally, photos should be taken at the highest possible image size and resolution, and on cameras rather than phones (however, your entry will not be penalised if it doesn't meet these requirements).
  • There is space on the form to provide a short description with each entry. The description of each entry should provide an insight into your study abroad experience.
  • We would like to see entries that could encourage/inspire other students to study abroad.

Entries will be judged by the Study Abroad Competition Committee. There are five £50 Amazon vouchers to be won (four for semester/year abroad students and one for summer school students).

The five winners will be confirmed here by the end of September 2017. Good luck and we look forward to receiving your entries!

Below are last year's photo competition winners.

Alice Goddard – Queensland University of Technology, Geography student

The Bris-bae sign, 4 Norwegians and Me

"The greatest reward of studying abroad was the great friends and people you meet that were from different countries and places. The greatest challenge for me was when summer and semester 2 meant some of the close friends I'd made that semester left Brisbane (as they were only studying for 1 semester) and I had to say goodbye." 


Lee Kay-Barry – Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Fine Art student


"I have learnt invaluable life lessons which I believe that have made me a better person today. I have internalised the Spanish way of life and I have learnt to slow down and appreciate the beauty of life. This year has allowed me to grow as a person and open my heart up to life and take risks. I have learnt the true value of learning and living independently." 


Louella Wright – University of Waterloo, Geography student

Hello Hawaii

"Why everyone should study abroad - I had no idea when I left for my year abroad that I would end the year in Hawaii, studying abroad brings so many amazing opportunities and experiences with it."


Rupert Lloyd – Griffith University, Geography student

Dancing with the stars

The Challenge: Say yes for a year. Every opportunity and invitation that came my way had to be met with the promise of ‘giving it a go’.

"I accepted an invitation to hunt down the Milky Way. It was late March, and the temperature was low. I had never photographed the Milky Way before, and I was aware of how few chances I would get to try.
The Reward: Besides the image, my trip to Outback Queensland to photograph the stars rewarded me with the opportunity to meet new people who shared the same passion. The night was clear and the stars were stunning, and the experience was made all the better by capturing someone dance whilst holding 2 LED torches, leaving light trails across the image."    


Emma Ninham – McMaster University, Media and Communication student

Rookie Road Trip

"Without a doubt the best thing about my year abroad has been the people I’ve met. After the academic year, seven of us did a road-trip across Canada and it was the highlight of my entire year. I got to see the most amazing views and spend it with some of my best friends. While it has made life back in England quite difficult to adjust to, I wouldn’t change a second of it."