Study abroad competition

Our 2017/18 competition is now open! The deadline for submissions has been extended to 5pm on Monday 17th September 2018. This competition is open to Leeds students who have studied abroad for a semester or year during the academic year 2017/18, and also students who have attended a summer school programme in summer 2018.

This year the categories are: 

Landscapes & Cityscapes

Most Unusual Experience

Campus Life

Activity & Adventure


Guidelines for entries:

All entries are to be submitted via our online competition entry form. Please use your usual University of Leeds login details to access the form. 

You may submit up to four photo entries (one for each category) and one video.

Videos must be a maximum of three minutes in length. If you are using music in your video it will need to be music without copyright (free music without copyright can be found on the Internet). 

Photos must be uploaded via the entry form and for videos you will be asked to provide a URL link.

Ideally, photos should be taken at the highest possible image size and resolution, and on cameras rather than phones (however, your entry will not be penalised if it doesn't meet these requirements).

There is space on the form to provide a short description with each entry. The description of each entry should provide an insight into your study abroad experience.

We would like to see entries that could encourage/inspire other students to study abroad.

Entries will be judged by the Study Abroad Competition Committee. There are five £50 Amazon vouchers to be won (four for semester/year abroad students and one for summer school students).

The five winners will be announced at the end of September or beginning of October 2018. We will also be announcing the winners on Instagram so make sure to follow @leedsuniabroad - Good luck and we look forward to receiving your entries!

Below are last year's photo competition winners. 

Clare Redman - Hong Kong Polytechnic University summer school

“Summer school is an amazing opportunity to meet new people from different nationalities; all living, learning and exploring in a new country together. Hiking is really popular in Hong Kong, and Lion Rock provides a unique view of all 3 parts of HK- Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and New Territories. The many views from the trail are well-worth the rocky 495m climb, with the peak being the perfect spot to watch the sun go down and the lights of Hong Kong come to life.”

Clare Redman picture

Ben Barrett - Adelaide University year abroad 

“Jumping with joy on the 3rd best beach in the world - Whitsunday's, Queensland.”

Ben barrett

Sam Barrett - Queensland University of Technology year abroad 

“I've never met so many people, from so many different countries. We all crammed into the back of a campervan and drove around the South of New Zealand in 10 days. Probably the best trip I have ever been on!"

Sam barrett

Toby Elwes - McGill University year abroad 

“Skiing between crystallised trees. Escaping the metropolitan McGill campus on the university’s weekend excursions to the ski slopes of rural Quebec allowed me to experience the extremities of Canadian weather. The -20C snow iced peaks crystallised trees into surrealist sculptures from another world.”

Toby elwes

Shan Tomouk - University of British Columbia year abroad

“Sunset at the campus beach. One of the best aspects of study abroad is being thrown in to a foreign place with people who are in exactly the same position as you. I've met so many people from all around the world this year and in a place like Vancouver, there's a lot of things to see, including the on-campus beach."

Shan tomouk