Visas for study abroad

Find out about visa requirements and costs early in your planning. They might affect your decision about where to apply.

Remember that getting your student visa is your responsibility and it can take longer than you think. Apply as soon as you've been accepted by your host institution, so your arrival isn't delayed.

Visa requirements

If you're an EU passport holder you won't need a visa to study in Europe, but you almost certainly will need a student visa to study elsewhere. Non-EU nationals need to check requirements for their country.

Financial evidence is part of the visa application for some countries.

The individual country factsheets below are just a starting point for your research. You'll need to get up-to-date visa information from the relevant embassy or consulate websites, as immigration legislation changes frequently and without warning. Always treat the embassy or consulate websites as the accurate source if the information on their websites differs from that given here.

If you don't hold a British passport, most of the information in these factsheets probably won't apply to you, though you may still find the links useful.

Unfortunately we're not qualified to offer you detailed visa advice at the Study Abroad office.

Visa costs

The cost and requirements of a visa application are something you should bear in mind when deciding where to study abroad. Student visas are usually more expensive than tourist visas.

The visa costs below (correct on 23/08/2016) may be subject to change without warning. They are based on fees for UK citizens using standard (rather than express) visa services. Confirm up-to-date figures on the relevant embassy or consulate websites:

  • Argentina: $600 ARS for 1 semester, $1200 ARS for 2 semesters, plus $60 ARS criminal record check and £45 ACRO Police Certificate.
  • Australia: A$550
  • Brazil: £211.50, plus £45 ACRO Police Certificate and R$311,22 Federal Police fees for Foreign Registration and a Foreign ID card
  • Canada: C$150 for the Study Permit, plus C$110 for the certificat d'acceptation du Québec (CAQ) if studying in Quebec
  • Chile: £383 for the visa, plus £50-£100 for medical certificates and £45 ACRO Police Certificate
  • China: £151 (standard visa fee and application charge), £178 (express application)
  • Hong Kong: Approximately HK$ 500 – this will vary depending on the university
  • Israel: US$46
  • Japan: £32
  • Mexico: US$36
  • Morocco: £45 ACRO Police Certificate and £10 pre-departure, then approximately £75 on arrival
  • New Zealand: 270 NZD (online application), £164 plus £18 service fee (hard copy application through London)
  • Singapore: S$30 processing fee and S$60 issuance fee, and approximately SG$80 for the required medical report
  • South Africa: £35 plus £35+VAT service charge, plus £45 ACRO Police Certificate and £50-100 medical certificate plus cost of chest x ray (speak to your doctor about this)
  • South Korea: £173
  • Taiwan: US$66 (resident visa) plus Health Certificate once in Taiwan
  • Thailand: £125
  • Turkey: £348
  • USA: US$160 visa fee, US$180 SEVIS (admin) fee, plus trip to London for visa interview