Overview and eligibility

We calculate your basic eligibility for Leeds Financial Support using information already held on your student record.

To qualify for the full-time LFS award you must be registered on a full-time, undergraduate, higher-education course lasting at least one year: for example:

  • a degree
  • foundation degree
  • diploma of higher education (DipHE) or
  • certificate of higher education (CertHE)

You don't need to apply for Leeds Financial Support. However you will need to be means tested by the Student Loans Company (SLC). Both you and your sponsors (usually your parents or partner) will also need to give the SLC consent to share your household income with the University. We will send an email to your University of Leeds email account in the autumn term, confirming your eligibility, and once you have received this, you need to log into Minerva and choose how you wish to receive your support.

It is possible to be means-tested by SLC even if you do not wish to take out either a maintenance loan or tuition fees loan. If you do not wish to take out a loan, but still wish to be means-tested in order to be considered for an LFS award, please download a paper student finance application for either a new full-time student (PN1 form) or continuing full-time student (PR1 form) from the government's student finance forms page

Part-time Leeds Financial Support 

To qualify for part-time Leeds Financial Support (LFS) you must be registered on a part-time degree, foundation degree, diploma of higher education (DipHE) or certificate of higher education (CertHE), lasting for at least one year and study at least 30 credits a year or 25 percent of a full-time course.

Unlike full-time students you will need to download an application form for Leeds Financial Support every year you are a student. Once you have completed it please return it, along with the evidence listed in the form, to the address given on the form.  This is because the Student Loans Company (SLC) does not offer means-tested support to part-time students, so the University of Leeds is responsible for assessing your household income. Even if you have applied in previous years, you will need to resubmit all the evidence requested in the form for each year that you make an application. You must have completed your online registration at the University for the academic year in which you are applying before submitting an application. Registration opens on 1 August each year.

Are you eligible? 

You will be able to choose how you receive this support up until 6 November – either as a cash bursary, or as a discount to your tuition fees or University accommodation. In line with statutory funding EU students must take the support as a tuition fee discount.

To qualify you must: 

  • be either a UK undergraduate student, normally living in England, Northern Ireland or Scotland for the three years immediately before the start of the course and, “settled” in the UK on the first day of the course, or an EU student 
  • be a new student, starting a first degree course on or after 1 September 2012  
  • be liable for the higher rate fee, or pro-rata equivalent for part-time students (ie £9,250 for a 2017 entry student entering level one of their degree)
  • have not already achieved an equivalent or higher-level qualification 
  • not have tuition fees funded by the NHS 
  • not have a household income of more than £42,875 a year 
  • not be on a study-abroad or work-placement year 

The level of support you receive depends on your household income and the year you start your studies.

If you are in receipt of a means-tested UG scholarship

If you are receiving a Means-Tested Undergraduate Scholarship then you are not eligible to receive an award from the Leeds Financial Support scheme.

If you already hold a degree level qualification

As this fund is a widening participation scheme for students from low income backgrounds undertaking a first degree, students who already hold a degree level qualification or higher are not eligible to receive this award. 


There are certain instances where you will not be eligible to receive a bursary award. These are:

Welsh Assembly Grant 

If you normally reside in Wales and receive the Welsh Government Tuition Fee Grant you already receive enhanced statutory financial support via Student Finance Wales and as a result pay a lower tuition fee.

Year Abroad/In Industry

If you are spending a year in industry or studying abroad you will already be pay a reduced tuition fee and therefore not eligible to receive Leeds Financial Support.

Degree Apprenticeships

Students on a Degree Apprenticeship programme continue to receive a salary from their employer and have their fees paid directly to the university, so do not qualify for Leeds Financial Support

Medics and Dentists

If you are a medicine or dentistry student you will receive help from the University for the first four years of your course, unless it is your second degree. After that, you will receive support under the NHS student bursary scheme. In those NHS funded years you will not be eligible to receive the bursary.