Short-term loans and Part-time Undergraduate Childcare Grant

Short-term Loans

We may be able to offer you a loan if your Student Loan or NHS Bursary is delayed through no fault of your own.

Loans are usually only enough for basic living costs, and we would expect you to have used your overdraft and asked for help from family first.

You must repay your short-term loan when your support comes through. We will take action to recover the debt if you fail to pay.

Part-time Undergraduate Childcare Grant

A Childcare Grant is available if you are a part-time undergraduate, and contributes up to £750 towards registered or approved childcare costs.

To be eligible for the Grant you must:

  • be an undergraduate part-time student parent
  • be currently entitled to child tax credit
  • be the main carer of a child under 15 years old, or 17 years old if the child is registered as having special educational needs
  • use registered or approved childcare
  • not receive, nor your partner receive, the childcare element of Working Tax Credit or the NHS Childcare Grant.

How to apply 

To apply for a short-term loan or the Part-time Undergraduate Childcare Grant, pick up a form from the Student Services Centre counter. You must submit the relevant supporting documentation in person to the Student Services Centre counter. If you are away from University (eg on your year abroad or industrial placement), are an external student, or are temporarily withdrawn, email the Funding team to ask for a form to be posted out to you and then return your application and evidence by post.