Alternative exam arrangements

If you're disabled, or if you become ill at the time of your exams, then special arrangements may be made for you.

Find out what kind of adjustments can be made in order to enable you to sit your exams, and how to notify us if you need to have special arrangements put in place. 


If you need any adjustments to be made for you so that you can take your exams then it is your responsibility to let your school know. You also need to contact Disability Services as soon as possible to have a needs assessment. 

The deadline to submit evidence for any exam arrangement (i.e. scheduling and others) to be in place for January 2019 is Friday 26 October 2018. The Disability team will make sure that the Exams team makes appropriate arrangements for you. Please note, if you submit evidence after this deadline - the arrangements will not be in place for the January exams, and you will need to talk to your School about mitigating circumstances. 

Arrangements are made on an individual basis and might include things like:

  • extra time
  • rest breaks
  • use of a computer
  • a support worker to assist you as a reader, scribe or prompter.

Once we've been told of your disability, you can review the arrangements that have been made for you via Minerva. To do this:

  1. Log into Student Services.
  2. Click on "Examinations"
  3. Select "Examination Arrangements".

Late notice

In some cases, it may not be possible to meet your requirements if the University is only informed about these at short notice; however, we will try to put appropriate arrangements in place wherever we can. Before we can make the necessary arrangements, you'll be asked to provide us with one of the following documents:

  • An up-to-date psychologist’s diagnostic report (for students with a specific learning difficulty (SpLD), such as dyslexia or dyspraxia) - you must have been aged 16 or older when this diagnosis was carried out.
  • A letter from a health professional (for all other disabled students) which states how your disability or medical condition impacts on your learning - for example, this may come from a GP, consultant or psychiatrist.

If you're unsure about the type of medical evidence we require, contact Disability Services. There'll normally be deadline dates set before each round of examinations. Contact Disability Services to check the dates of these deadlines. Disability Services may not be able to guarantee that we can take your requirements into account for the next round of exams if you contact us after these published deadlines.


If you're absent from an exam or believe that your performance in an examination or assessment has been affected by illness or other adverse circumstances, you must provide a written explanation to your parent/teaching school(s) within five working days of the examination. In the case of illness, this must be accompanied by a full medical certificate from a doctor.

We advise you to check your school's individual mitigating circumstances policy, including deadlines for each semester and where to submit the claim.

Temporary exam arrangements due to illness and disability or other reasons

If you need temporary modified exam arrangements to be made for you due to illness or disability or another reason, you'll need to submit a request to your parent department with up to date medical evidence (a medical note dated within four weeks before the start of the exam session).

You'll receive an email from the Exams team once your exam arrangements have been made.

Queries about your alternative exam arrangements

Check your personal timetable in Minerva.

Once the exam timetable with venues has been published, extra time will be shown after the exam code in brackets. For example, SLSP391001<+15> indicates 15 minutes per hour extra time.

If you have any queries regarding your requirements, email  or phone 0113 34 34119 or 0113 34 36270.

    Please include your student ID number and the module code of your exam in the email.