Student ID card

Your student ID card opens the doors of the University for you. Find out what it can do for you and how to get a replacement should you need one.

Your student ID card remains property of the University. Please look after it and keep it safe until you leave the University. 

Why do I need a student ID card? 

New students must collect a student ID card as part of the registration process. Your student ID card is your key to the University and it:

  • identifies you as a student of the University of Leeds
  • allows you to use Leeds University Union
  • works as your University Library Card - you need it to enter Library buildings and borrow books
  • provides you with access to computing facilities
  • allows you to use Sport and Physical Activity facilities (if you're a member)
  • is used as official ID for University examinations
  • can offer discounts in various shops

You will not be fully registered with the University until you have collected your student ID card. If you don't collect your card, we could terminate your registration.

Fraudulent use

If a student ID card is used fraudulently, you'll be subject to action under the University Disciplinary Procedure. This might not only involve you, but also anyone you've lent it to if this can be proved. 

Replacement cards

You can collect a replacement card at the Student Services Centre Counter, located on Level 9, Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Building.

If you are unable to visit the Student Services Centre during normal opening times (part-time or distance-learning students, or those on work/study placements), it is possible to obtain a card remotely.

Lost and stolen cards

If you've lost your card and it is handed in to the Student Services Centre, we will email you to collect it. Please check your University email account before requesting a replacement.

If your card has not been handed in, you will need to collect a replacement from the Student Services Centre Counter. Replacement cards cost £10; you can make this payment by cash or card at the Student Services Centre, or via the online store.

As there have been a number of fraudulent theft claims, this charge applies irrespective of the reason for the loss.

Damaged cards

You can replace a damaged student ID card at the Student Services Centre provided you return the damaged card to us. If it has snapped, you must bring all of the pieces with you in order to replace your card. This service is free of charge provided that damage is normal wear and tear.

Expired cards

Your student ID card will last for the duration of your current course at the University. If you're a current student whose course has been extended (e.g. students who have intercalated, taken a year abroad/in industry) and your student card has expired, you'll need to collect a new card from the Student Services Centre Counter. If you no longer have your expired card this will be treated as a lost card and you'll have to pay for a replacement.

If you are starting a new course then you are classed as a new student and will need to find out how to collect a new student card.

**The photo upload system is currently unavailable. The staff at the Student Services Counter will take your photograph when you go to collect your student ID card.**

Student ID card photos

When you get a student ID card as a new student, you can choose to upload one of your own photos or have one taken at the University. Your own photo should follow the same basic rules as a passport photo and be:

  • approximately 25mm (w) by 30mm (h) 
  • a colour photo
  • file size should be less than 50kb (we do not need large files for these cards)
  • taken against a plain, uncluttered background
  • taken within the last month
  • clear and in focus
  • unaltered by computer software, filters, etc
  • show your face in full
  • show you facing the camera with your head straight in the frame
  • have only one person in the photo.

Photos should be along the style of the photo below:

Acceptable photo example
Student ID card suitable photo

Unacceptable photo examples

Unacceptable photo example Unacceptable photo example  Unacceptable photo example Unacceptable photo Unacceptable photo Unacceptable photo Unacceptable photo Unacceptable photo Unacceptable photo