Leaving the University

It may be necessary to leave the University, either temporarily or permanently, before completing your studies. This page explains the regulations and implications of this process.

If you are considering temporary or permanent leave from your studies, you will need to seek advice from your school. They will be able to advise or point you to the right resources to make an informed decision about taking leave. The University's schools and faculties structure is there to provide you with the support that you need in order to make the right decision for you and your future studies.

Leaving date

If you decide to take leave, your leaving date counts from the time you inform the University in writing of your intention to leave by submitting a Taught Student Leavers' form (available from your parent school). The official process of leavers' submission must be completed within two weeks of the above mentioned leaving date. If this deadline is not met, your leaving date will be calculated by standard leavers' regulations. The leaving date is not the date you last attended the University.

Withdrawal for UK/EU students

If you wish to leave the University temporarily, you must:

  • discuss your intentions with your personal tutor and/or another staff member within your parent school
  • get the approval of your parent school
  • complete a leavers' form (available from your parent school)
  • hand-in your completed leavers form to your parent school
  • comply with any school-specific requirements eg hand in placement uniform, ID card

As well as the resources on this page, your personal tutor and the student counselling centre are available to offer any information, support and guidance you may need.

If you decide to leave the University permanently, you must complete a leavers' form, available from your parent school. The leavers' form must state your last date of attendance if possible, together with your reason for leaving. You must submit your signed and completed form, along with your student ID card, to your parent school.

Withdrawal for international students

If you are an international student in the UK with permission as a student and you are considering withdrawing from your studies on a temporary or permanent basis, you must:

  • contact the International Student Office immediately for immigration advice before making your decision
  • get the approval of your parent school
  • complete a leavers' form (available from your parent school)
  • hand-in your completed leavers form to your parent school
  • comply with any school-specific requirements eg hand in placement uniform, ID card

If you are an international student, taking temporary withdrawal may have implications on your immigration status. The University will be required to report back any change of circumstances to UK Visas and Immigration. Please also read the other information for all students on this page that may also apply to you.

Financial implications of withdrawal (all students)

Before you make your decision to withdraw from the University, you are strongly advised to consider the possible financial implications of your decision.

There may be charges for fees, University accommodation or other University costs when you leave early.

If you leave before the end of your course, we calculate your fees based on your leaving date and not your last date of attendance, unless these dates are the same. Find out more about fee payments when leaving the University early.

You may lose some, or all, of your student financial support. If you are taking a loan from the Student Loans Company you can read how your funding may be affected here. All students can contact the Leeds University Union student advice centre and your relevant funding body to find out how your withdrawal might affect your future studies and the way you are funded. 

Further temporary withdrawal information (all students)


If you withdraw from the University temporarily after the eighth week of teaching in either semester, special rules apply. The reasons for your withdrawal must be sufficient to excuse you from any examinations and assessments that you have for that semester’s teaching session (eg January exams if you start leave the November before, or June exams if you start leave the May before).

If your reasons are insufficient to excuse you, you will expected to complete these examinations and assessments, or if you do not complete them you may be recorded as 'absent’. You must consult your parent school in these circumstances to clarify your situation.  

Returning to university 

If approval is given for temporary withdrawal, it will be for a specified period of absence. We do not approve more than a year of temporary withdrawal at any one time. If you do not return to the University at the end of the approved period, you must contact the head of your parent school or request that approval for a further period of absence be sought from the faculty special cases committee.

If you withdrew temporarily on health grounds, you must supply written evidence from a doctor that you are fit to return to your studies before being readmitted. Students studying courses related to healthcare are likely to require an occupational health clearance before returning (confirmed by your school).

If you do not return to the University and do not contact your head of school for further approval, we will presume that you have withdrawn permanently from the University and we will notify your sponsors accordingly.