Change of name or address

Please let the University know immediately about any changes to your name, address or emergency contact details so our records are up to date.

Change of name

The legal name recorded on your student record should be the one by which you are legally known, and will be the name displayed on your degree certificate and transcript.

Your student ID card is based on your first name, last name and middle name(s), as recorded on the student record system. If this name is incorrect please visit the Student Services Centre counter or email so that we can update your record and re-issue your student ID card in your correct name.

You must notify the University about any change to your name immediately. To do this, visit the Student Services Centre counter or email

When informing us of your legal name change, you must also produce supporting documentary evidence: for example, birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport or deed poll documentation.

All changes must be made before you complete your studies. Changes of name after the completion of your studies will not usually be possible so, if you have an enquiry of this nature, please contact for further advice.

Please note that your certificate will only show your full legal name. It will not show any prefixes or suffixes.

Change of address and telephone number

The University needs to hold your permanent home and term time addresses together with telephone numbers, your next of kin and emergency contact details.

Please update your address and emergency contact details through Minerva. Click the ‘Access Student Services” icon in the toolbar in the top right. Once logged in to Student Services, select 'Personal information'.

International students that have a police registration certificate must also keep the Overseas Registration Office at Pudsey Police Station informed of any changes to their term-time address. More information about how to do this is on our police registration page.

If you are registered with Leeds Student Medical Practice, you must also inform them about your change of address separately. The University will not do this for you.