How and when to enrol on your modules

If you are studying on a programme which requires you to choose optional or discovery modules, you will complete this process online through Minerva: The Portal and VLE during specific dates.

It is important that before you choose your optional and discovery modules you speak to your personal tutor or get other academic advice from your school. 

What is module enrolment?

The programme of study that you've chosen is made up of different modules. Some of these are an essential part of the course (compulsory), some are optional and you can also choose to study discovery modules.

You will be asked to choose which modules you would like to study and enrol on them online during specific dates. It may be possible to change modules after that date if you speak to the school you are studying with. When you have chosen your modules online, they will be added to your student record. Your timetable and VLE account will be updated overnight.

How to complete module enrolment

You enrol on your modules through Minerva: The Portal and VLE. If you're a new student you will need your welcome letter which contains your student ID number. Returning students log into Minerva as usual with your IT username and password.

Click on the 'Access Student Services' icon at the top of the screen and then select the 'Module/Timetable' tab. You should then follow the on screen instructions to access 'Module Enrolment'.

The module enrolment process consists of five steps. These five steps are:

  1. View compulsory modules
  2. Check timetable
  3. Choose optional modules
  4. Choose discovery modules
  5. View and confirm module choice

As each step is completed, you'll move on to the next one by clicking the 'Continue' button in the bottom left-hand corner on each screen. A green tick will appear on the module enrolment checklist against the step you have just completed. To fully complete the process, all checklist items must have a green tick against them.

When you've confirmed your module enrolment, a confirmation email, listing the modules you intend to study, will be sent to your University email address. You should keep a copy of this email for your records. 

Our guide to module enrolment contains screenshots of the pages you will see, to help you prepare. 

When does module enrolment take place?

Module enrolment takes place at the start of term for new students and in May for returning students. When you enrol for a module it is automatically downloaded to your timetable and VLE. You will have the chance to speak to someone in your school face to face at a module event at the start of each term.

Module enrolment for 2017/18

These are the opening and closing dates for taught undergraduates and postgraduate module enrolment:

Opening times for optional modules
Opening times for discovery modules
Closing times for all modules
Returning undergraduates

Tuesday 9 May (12 noon) for students moving into year 3 and above

Wednesday 10 May (12 noon) for students moving into year 2

Thursday 11 May (12 noon) for HIST modules

 Tuesday 4 July (12 noon)
Monday 17 July (midnight)
New undergraduates

Wednesday 30 August (9am)

Wednesday 30 August (9am)

Thursday 21 September (midnight)
New postgraduates
To be decided by the school
 Not applicable
To be decided by the school

Your school

Your school will let you know the exact opening time and give you advice about completing the online process and choosing modules appropriate to your programme of study.

Some schools operate different opening and closing dates to the ones above. View the opening dates for individual schools.

Do I need to enrol for all my modules?

You only need to enrol for optional and discovery modules. If your programme is made up of purely compulsory modules, you don’t need to complete module enrolment. For more information about your curriculum and its requirements, see the module and programme catalogues.

Study abroad students

You should have enrolled on modules before you arrived in Leeds. If you want to change any of your module choices or you've had problems with enrolment, contact the study abroad coordinator in your parent school or advisers in the Study Abroad Office