Qualifications checks - where to take your documents

Find out where new students can take their qualifications documents to be checked below.

Important: all Business School courses (except Research postgraduate programmes)

Always take your documents to the Business School, even during the main registration period:

  • Undergraduates: Student Reception, GM01 
  • Taught postgraduates: 11 - 13 September 2017- Meadow Teaching Rooms TR.06, other times - G.56 Maurice Keyworth Building
  • Research postgraduate students: please see below

Taught postgraduate courses (Masters)

Take your documents to the Taught Postgraduate Admissions team as follows:

  • 7 - 22 September 2017: Great Hall, Room UG 09
  • All other times: in schools (see undergraduate listings below)

Note to Business School students: read the instructions above in "Important: all Business School Courses".

Research postgraduate programmes

Take your documents to the Student Services Counter, Level 9, Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Building.

Undergraduate courses

Take your documents to your school reception as listed below:

Biological Sciences: Room 7.82 Irene Manton Building

Business School: see "All Business School courses" above

Chemical and Process Engineering: Reception, ground floor in the Chemical & Process Engineering Building

Chemistry: Admissions Office, G.34 Chemistry

Civil Engineering: Student Support Office, G.16 (ground floor) in the Civil Engineering Building.

Classics: Room 2.19 (floor 2), Michael Sadler Building

Computing:  Room 9.10, (floor 9) EC Stoner Building Entrance 1

Dentistry: Student Education Office, Room 6.021 (floor 6)  Worsley Building 

Design: September-October 2017: G24 Geography East on University Road Room G72 (Ground Floor); as of approx. mid-October 2017: Clothworkers Building South

Earth & Environment: Room 9.18 (floor 9) Staff Centre

Education: Room G01 (ground floor), Beech Grove House

Electronic and Electrical Engineering: Student Support Office, room G.69 (ground floor), in the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Building

English: Room 2.19 (floor 2), Michael Sadler Building (postgraduate outside main registration to School of English 10.G.03)

Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies: Ground Floor Reception, Fine Art Building, University Road

Food Science and Nutrition: Student Support Office, Food Science Building 

Geography: Room 9.18, Staff Centre

Healthcare: Student Support Office, first floor, Baines Wing

History: Room 2.19 (floor 2) Michael Sadler Building

International Foundation Year: International Foundation Year Office 12.14 Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building

Languages, Cultures and Societies: Room 2.19 (floor 2) Michael Sadler Building

Law: Room G.01 (ground floor), Beech Grove House

Life Long Learning Centre: Reception, floor 11, Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Building

Mathematics: Room 8.41 School of Maths

Mechanical Engineering: Student Support Office, Room 4.41 (floor 4), Mechanical Engineering Building

School of Media and Communication: Room G19 (ground floor), Clothworkers Building South 

Medicine: Student Education Office, Room 7.09 (floor 7), Worsley Building

Medieval Studies: Room 2.19 (floor 2) Michael Sadler Building

Music: Reception, Room G.04 (ground floor) Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall

Performance and Cultural Industries: Reception, Performance and Cultural Industries Building  

Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science: Room 2.20 (floor 2), Michael Sadler Building

Physics and Astronomy: Room 8.52 (floor 8), EC Stoner Building

Politics and International Studies: Room G02 (ground floor), Beech Grove House , (Postgraduate G03)

Psychology:  Room G01, Psychology Building

Sociology and Social Policy: Room G02 (ground floor), Beech Grove House, (Postgraduate G03) 

Transport Studies (postgraduates only): see "Taught postgraduate students" at the top of the page or G.13 Geography East.