What you will need to register

What you need to register depends on what kind of student you are. New students will need documents to verify their identity and also for qualifications if requested, as well as welcome documents containing their student details. This page tells you more about this, including where to take any academic qualifications if you are asked to bring these. 

All returning students 

If you are returning for the next academic year of a course you are currently studying, there are usually no prior checks required. Simply complete the "registration" process on portal.leeds.ac.uk. Importantly, this includes students who are on a year abroad or in industry.

There are exceptions:

  • if you are returning from temporary leave, you should have confirmed your return with your school before you can register
  • if you have taken temporary leave due to medical reasons,  you will also need to provide a "fit to return" medical note to your school before you can register
  • if you are resitting your year as an external student, you should have applied to take your resits but will not need to complete online registration (you are considered "not registered" as an external student)
  • if you are an international student who is resitting or has taken temporary leave, please also speak to the international office for advice on your visa requirements

New international students

International students can only register after they arrive in Leeds. You will need:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • ATAS certificate (if required)
  • Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter
  • Proof of fees paid (if paid in advance)
  • Letter of sponsorship/financial guarantee
  • Original academic qualification certificates and English language test report (with translations if your documents are not in English).
  • Any other items in the "all new students" section below

International research students: visit your parent School (subject) offices for more arrival information. International Foundation Year students: collect your registration instructions from the International Foundation Year office.

All new students

New students may be able to start the portal registration process at portal.leeds.ac.uk before they arrive in Leeds, but there may be documents you need to have checked before and after this.

To complete registration, you will need:

  • Original academic qualification certificates: if you studied outside of the UK, completed your studies over a year before your entry to the university, or if you are starting a postgraduate level course. You will usually need to take this to your school (subject) office; find out where to take these documents below.
  • Student ID number: the nine digit number on your welcome/offer letter - you need this to get your IT username and password.
  • Fee payment information: this may include UK bank account details or a sponsor letter. If you have a student loan or full scholarship, the Student Fees team should have been informed by the provider.
  • Your passport: your passport will be used to check your identification when you complete an identity check (the part of registration that you need to complete on campus). If you're a UK student and don't currently hold a passport you will either need to apply for a passport or show your birth/adoption certificate along with an Identification Verification form
  • Other documents: international students should check the above list under "international students"

Academic qualification documents

If you are asked in your offer letter or other correspondence to bring your academic qualifications, take these to: