Registration overview

Registration is the process which allows you to formally become a student of the University of Leeds. This page explains what registration is in more detail. 

What is registration?

All students register either just before they start university or once they arrive.

 The process involves:

  • setting up an IT account with the University of Leeds, by retrieving your username and password
  • logging in to the student portal at to complete the online section of registration
  • collecting your ID card (if you are a new student)

Once you have completed all of these steps, you are considered a registered student at the university for the academic year you have registered for.

Every student is required to register at the start of their studies and then re-register each year on the anniversary of their start date. More information on how to register can be found on our How To Register page.

Why register?

Registration allows you to confirm that we have up to date details about you, your programme of study and arrangement of payments. You will also importantly be agreeing to abide by the University's rules and verifying your identity.

Once you've registered you can attend lectures and seminars, receive tuition, sit examinations, use the Library and other services, and become an active member of Leeds University Union.