What you will need to register

To help make sure that you have the right documents and information to complete your student registration, we’ve outlined what you’ll need based on the type of student that you are.

All new students

To complete registration, all students will need:

  • Student ID number: this is the nine digit number on your welcome/offer letter and will be used to get your IT username and password. 
  • Original academic qualification/English language certificates, if requested: These are requested on your offer letter, (you can find out where to take these documents here), if you:
    • studied outside of the UK 
    • completed your studies over a year before your entry to the university, or
    • are starting a postgraduate level course
  • Fee payment information: if you are sponsored, you will need to provide a sponsor letter to Sponsors@leeds.ac.uk. You may need to provide your UK bank account details or evidence of your support from Student Finance. 
  • Your passport/national identity card: This will be used to complete an identity check once you arrive on campus. UK students without a passport will need to show your birth/adoption certificate with a completed Identification Verification form.
  • Your "Registration Certificate" page: This is the last page of online registration. For new students, we ask that you ideally take this to your identity check (it will help staff to identify your record and means we do not need to issue a reminder of completing registration). You can take an electronic version of this last page on a phone or tablet, or a print out of it.

    New international students will also need

    International students can only register after they arrive in Leeds. You will need:

    • Visa (including Biometric Residence Permit if required) 
    • ATAS certificate (if required) 
    • Biometric Residence Permit collection email: If you need a BRP and have chosen to collect it from the University, you'll be sent an email from us with details of when and where you can collect it.

    All returning students including students completing a year abroad and in industry

    You can complete online registration through minerva.leeds.ac.uk. You will still need to do this if you're doing a year abroad or in industry. 

    Please note if you are:

    • Returning from temporary leave*: confirm your return with your school before you register. If your student ID card has expired, complete online registration before exchanging your old card for a new one. 
    • Returning after temporary leave* because of medical reasons: you’ll also need to provide a "fit to return" medical note to your school before you can register. 
    • Resitting your year as an external student: you should have applied to take your resits but will not need to complete online registration (you are considered "not registered" as an external student) 
    • An international student who is resitting or has taken temporary leave*, speak to the International Student Office for advice on your visa requirements.
    *Temporary leave is also also known as suspension for post graduate reseachers.

    You can find out more about the registration process on our pages about registering in September and registering outside of September.