Student Services Centre Counter

The Student Services Centre counter provides a range of useful services, and counter staff can provide advice on many issues. You'll usually need to use QLess when visiting the centre.

*** Identity checks, BRP collection and new student (first) ID card production will NOT be using Qless from 28 September to 13th October 2017, more information is on our registration page.***

The Student Services Centre provides a range of useful services for new and returning students. During busy periods, wait times can be long. Nobody likes to wait in a queue and to improve your experience of the Centre, the University is trialling QLess. QLess is a third party app that allows you to join a virtual queue, meaning you can do other things on campus while you wait to be seen at the Student Services Centre.

How to use Qless

You will need to join a virtual queue to be seen at the counter in the Student Services Centre. To do this, download the QLess Mobile App from the App Store or the Google Play Store and turn on your push notifications. Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and search for ‘Leeds’. This will show you the queues available at the University of Leeds.

You can also join a queue using any internet-enabled device, including the cluster computers that are available in the Student Service Centre by visiting the QLess website.

Between 28 September to 13th October 2017: If you are visiting the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building for ID checks, BRP collection or new student (first) student ID card collection you should not use Qless. Read more on our registration page.

For the Student Services Centre, follow the onscreen instructions to join the queue. Once you have joined, QLess will:

  • Send you an app notification or text message with your estimated wait time. This will depend on the number of people that have joined the queue before you.
  • Allow you to ask for more time if you are not ready to come to the Student Services Centre.
  • Send you an alert when you are 10 minutes away from the front of the queue.
  • Watch the QLess animation to find out more on how you can use QLess. 

Any questions about QLess as well as any feedback should be provided to the Student Services Team or through the survey that will be sent to you through QLess.

Members of the Student Services team will also be present in the Centre to help place students in the virtual queue.

Services available in person at the Student Service Centre 

  • Student ID cards: you can purchase a replacement if your card is lost, stolen or damaged, or have a new card issued if your current card expires. If you are a new student you do not need to use Qless to collect your first ID card - this will be given to you after you have completed an ID check.
  • Registration Status Certificate: this is an official document confirming your student status for the current academic year, plus your course details and basic personal information. Current students can collect a Registration Status Certificate on the spot from the Student Services Counter. 
  • Bank letters: If you are a first year student with a permanent home address outside of the UK, you will be sent a bank letter by email, please check your university email account for this. This letter can be used at Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and Santander. You will need to print this letter and take it to the bank. If you make any changes to your addresses or name a revised letter will be sent to you by email. This is particularly useful for international students who may need to open a UK bank account. If you need a letter for a bank not listed above, or you are a returning student, and/or your permanent home address is based in the UK, you can apply for a bank letter at the Student Services Centre.
  • Council Tax exemption: in most cases, if you're a full-time student, you should be exempt from paying Council Tax. However, you'll need to make sure that you inform the council of your student status (see our detailed information on council tax exemption).  If you need a Council Tax Exemption Certificate the Counter team can help you with this. 
  • Transcripts: this official document details your modules, the number of credits associated with each module and the marks you have achieved. Your marks for the current year will not be included until results are published at the end of the academic year. Current students can collect a transcript on the spot from the Student Services Counter. 
  • Cashiers: the Cashiers Counter deals with payments made to the University. You can pay tuition, examination and accommodation fees by card, cash and cheque. You can also purchase replacement student ID cards, transcripts, statements and certified copies of your degree certificate.
  • Student Funding: you can access information and advice about funding, such as Leeds Financial Support, the Access to Learning Fund, the Leeds Bursary and postgraduate student funding.
  • Fees: you can enquire about how to pay your tuition, accommodation and examination fees. If you are a sponsored student you can show your financial guarantee.  

  • Accommodation enquiries: you can enquire about contract dates, room swaps and room transfers.

  • Postgraduate research - thesis submission and qualification checks: New postgraduate researchers can show academic documents (qualifications) to Postgraduate Research and Operations via the Student Services Counter. You can also submit your thesis (softbound or hardbound) at the Student Services Counter.

Opening Hours

Main Counter: 9am-5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. 10am - 5pm Wednesday.

Please note that our closing procedure starts at 4:45pm, so if your enquiry is likely to take longer than 15 minutes to deal with you may be asked to return the next day.

Cashiers Counter: 9am-4:45pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. 10am-4:45pm Wednesday

Entrances: main entrances on Cavendish Road and Beech Grove Terrace.
Disabled access: Direct ground-level access is available at the eastern (Cavendish Road) entrance. Access from the western (Beech Grove Terrace) entrance is via a wheelchair-accessible lift.

Services available to students not based on campus

If you're a part time or distance learner, or on a work or study placement, it's possible to apply for the following services remotely:

Remote Student ID card application

Registration Status Certificate, including Council Tax Exemption Certificate, Certificate of Module Enrolment and Bank Letter.

Current student transcript

Contact us

Student Services Centre
Level 9, Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building
University of Leeds

T: 0113 343 8877
F: 0113 343 5740