What happened to QLess?

Over the last six months, the Student Services Centre in the Ziff building has been trialling QLess (a virtual queue management system) to help improve the experience of students and staff who use the Centre.

In previous years, at peak times such as September (the beginning of term for most students), waiting times exceeded 3-4 hours and the queues stretched outside the building. This was a really poor experience for students and for the counter staff in the Centre, so this year we introduced QLess, a  queue management service which allowed you to join the queue remotely and spend your waiting time doing something productive rather than standing in a queue.


Over the past six months, we’ve been trialling QLess in the Student Services Centre. The virtual queue has been joined over 43,500 times. 42% of these have joined the queue through the QLess app, 45% have joined through the QLess website and the remaining 13% have been placed in a queue by the Centre’s staff. Feedback given to the team indicates that the majority of users have preferred waiting in a virtual queue rather than standing a real-life queue.

During the trial, we found that although QLess is simple to use, there were a number of technical limitations to the QLess software which resulted in a negative experience for some of you. The waiting times did not always calculate accurately and the messaging did not work consistently on all phones. The Student Services Centre has been working closely with the QLess team to identify and correct these problems but we have not been able to achieve 100% reliability. Therefore, although there were some real benefits to QLess, we have decided not to adopt it permanently.


From 8 December, you will no longer need to use QLess to be seen in the Student Services Centre – those of you that have downloaded the app may want to delete it from your device. We will return to the traditional method of queuing in the Centre while we look in to other systems that can replace QLess. We will continue to work with students and staff to gather feedback on QLess and to define the features that you would like to see in a replacement system.

We will keep you updated through the staff and student e-newsletters and the news section of students.leeds.ac.uk. If you do have any questions or would like to know more, please email studentcommunications@leeds.ac.uk