Benefits of the Laidlaw Scholarship and How to Apply

Benefits of the Laidlaw Scholarship

As a Laidlaw Scholar you will:

  • Undertake a research project, which is generously funded over two Summer periods.
  • Have the opportunity to showcase your research at high profile events.
  • Have access to training and mentoring with qualified trainers and employer mentors.
  • Have access to a network of like-minded peers across the University, the UK and beyond
  • Enhance your academic potential through the experience of working in partnership with leading researchers.
  • Receive individual support and mentoring from a specialist supervisor and an associated research team.
  • Gain valuable, transferable skills in research, communication, project planning and leadership.
  • Increase your employability through undertaking project work, and through participation in workshops designed to promote self-confidence, initiative, innovation and creativity.
  • Represent the institution and programme as an ambassador.
  • Receive a grant totaling up to £6000 (£4,000 personal financial allowance chiefly to cover maintenance, accommodation etc and a further £2,000 is available for additional scholarly duties carried out throughout the scholarship period).

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for the Laidlaw Scholarship 2018 please ensure that:

  1. You will be based at the University of Leeds during 2018-20
  2. You are a first year undergraduate student currently in the first year of a three-year degree programme
    that you are a first or second year undergraduate student of a four-year degree programme.

In order to apply you need to:

Identify the research project – you will need to review the list of pre-defined research projects and decide which one you would like to apply for (you can only apply for the ones based in your faculty) or if you are not suited to any of the pre-defined projects and have an original research project proposal you need to discuss it with a potential academic supervisor who can support you through the project. 

Complete the online application form - applications open 1st February 2018

  • If applying for a pre-defined project you will need to explain why the project interests you and what qualities/experience you have which will make you successful in completing it.
  • If you have defined a project yourself, you will need to agree and confirm the support of your Supervisor/Academic Mentor, and write a short research project proposal.
  • You will also need to include a personal profile which you can use to tell the selection panel about yourself and your motivations for applying.

Submit the application by 9th March 2018  – shortlisted candidates will be asked to attend an interview.

Please note the deadline for application submission for the Faculty's of AHC and Environment is 2nd March 2018

Interviews for shortlisted candidates will take place between 10th March and 13th April 2018.

Students will be selected based on their leadership potential, the interest in the research project and their motivation in applying for this programme.

Students will be notified on the final outcome of their application by 23rd April 2018