Counselling services

Find out how counselling can be beneficial if you're experiencing difficulties, and how to access the free services that are available at the University.

The Student Counselling Centre is available to students registered with the University of Leeds. We're open all year round except weekends, bank holidays, Christmas and New Year. Our services include drop-ins and initial consultations, face-to-face and online counselling, groups and workshops, meditation, a self-help library and self-help resources including downloadable MP3s.

If you would like to book an appointment, please complete our self-referral form.   

If you wish to contact us, please email us on or phone us on 0113 343 4107. 

In case of emergency please contact your doctor, or go to the Accident & Emergency department of your local hospital.

Other sources of emergency help: 

The Samaritans on Freephone 116 123 

Dial House 0113 260 9328 or text on 07922 249452

Connect Helpline 0808 800 1212 (Open 365 days 6pm – 2am)

While you are waiting for an appointment you can download this information on what other resources are available to you

If you need help or advice before you get an appointment you can look at:

You may also like to try our Meditation Groups and Workshops

First steps

  • Complete an online self-referral form.
  • Attend a initial consultation - your initial assessment meeting.

Self-referral form

The first step to getting help from us is to complete the online self-referral form. The questions are designed to help you think about what your problems are and what you might want to get from counselling. This ensures that when you meet your counsellor some important work has already begun. The form takes about 20 minutes to fill in - you may wish to do this in a quiet and private room. Please answer as many questions as you can.

If you need help completing the self-referral form you can come to a drop-in session at 3pm Monday-Friday at the Student Counselling Centre.

Initial consultation

When you submit the form you'll be offered an initial consultation. This is an opportunity to meet with an experienced counsellor for about an hour to discuss in more detail the issues you outlined on your form. Together you'll decide the best way of helping you resolve your difficulties.

The counsellor may be able to identify self-help resources or workshops that could be useful for you, or give you information about a specialist service you could access. If you both feel counselling is the best course of action, the counsellor will refer you for a series of sessions at the Student Counselling Centre.

An initial consultation might be all you need to help get you back on track, although the counsellor may suggest a follow-up session to review how things are going.

Initial consultation attendance

Initial consultations are in high demand. If you're unable to attend your appointment please let us know as soon as possible.

How can counselling help you?

Counselling gives you time and space to explore issues that are of concern to you. These might include:

  • relationship and family problems
  • bereavement
  • anxiety and depression
  • self-destructive behaviour, eg self-harming, drinking too much
  • fear of failure
  • academic problems.

Counsellors won't be able to provide instant solutions but will listen to you and help you develop an increasing awareness of yourself and your possible choices.

We usually offer contracts of up to four sessions per person. These sessions last 50 minutes and are typically held weekly. In most cases this number of sessions is sufficient and ensures that everyone who applies for counselling is seen in the shortest time possible. You can return to the Student Counselling Centre for further counselling throughout your time at the University of Leeds.

Missed or cancelled appointments

As there is heavy demand for our service, it is expected that you will value your appointments and make every effort to attend them. If you have to miss a session, please give us as much notice as possible. You can do this by ringing reception, sending an email or leaving a message on our answer phone outside of office hours. If you miss your initial consultation your appointment will be offered to someone else immediately. If you miss a subsequent session, and do not contact us within 24 hours, your appointment time will be offered to someone else. You will then have to go back on the waiting list if you want to continue with your counselling.