Preparing for module enrolment

Planning for module enrolment can make the process smoother and help you get the modules you want for next year. Follow our steps to help you prepare. 

For some modules there may be competition for places; a good plan will help you if you're not able to get your first choice. 

If you anticipate any access issues, for example relating to disability, please discuss this with your school before module enrolment begins. 

What can you do to prepare for module enrolment?

1) Review your course structure

Look up your course (also known as programme) to see what modules you may take in the next academic year. Your module requirements will be listed in the catalogue for your programme. 

Any compulsory or optional modules should be listed under the relevant year. You'll see whether you can take discovery modules or not. 

Find out more about discovery modules 


2) Check your programme timetable

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this timetable is provisional and may be subject to change. The timetable should be regarded as an indicative guide that can help prevent timetable clashes. It is recommended that you compare the provisional timetable for the modules you are interested in with your provisional personal timetable in order to check for clashes. 

If the timetable for your desired optional module is blank, please continue with your module selection, the timetables will be updated in due course. Please check your personal timetable regularly to see if there are any changes. 
Timetables will be published in September 2024
, if you have any queries regarding your timetable after this time, please email the relevant School’s timetable contact.
For further information on accessing or interpreting your timetable, visit our Timetabling pages.  

3) Check module requirements

Some modules have pre/co-requisites. This may mean you need to have studied a particular module in a previous year or study another module at the same time. Some modules have mutually exclusive modules- this normally means you cannot study the module if you have previously studied one of the listed modules and you cannot study modules listed as mutually exclusive at the same time. You will see these listed against a module entry when you’re in the module catalogue.  

Make sure you fulfil any requisites before you enrol on your module. If you are unsure, please contact the teaching school. 

4) Consider alternative choices

Some modules are very popular, and places can be filled very quickly so consider what other modules you may wish to take should you not be able to get on your first choice. Why not write down the codes and titles of all of your choices before you enrol?