Local transport and finding your way around

Leeds is a compact city and it's relatively easy to find your way around, whether you're on foot, cycling or on a bus.

Most student residences and local facilities are within a three-mile radius of the University, and Leeds has an extensive public transport network. We are committed to supporting sustainable travel, including facilities for cycling to campus and active travel.

Walking or running to campus 

There are toilets in all buildings on campus, and changing rooms and showers in some of the buildings. Showers at The Edge are free before midday for staff and students; after this time non-members will pay a fee of £1. You must present your staff or student card to gain access.

If you have recently arrived in the UK, remember to take extra care when crossing roads as vehicles may be travelling on the opposite side of the road to what you are used to.

For further information on walking or running to campus, including route advice, please see our active travel webpage.


Local shop, Yorkshire Runner are offering University students 15% off in store and online plus free gait analysis to encourage students to get active on their commute. Simply show your student ID card in store or use the code ‘club15’ online. 

Cycling to campus 

If you are cycling to campus there are a number of cycle stands (open and covered) available for you to secure your bike as well as bike repair stands and track pumps. There are also Leeds City Bikes available on campus.

There are toilets in all buildings on campus, and changing rooms and showers in some of the buildings. Showers at The Edge are free before midday for our staff and students; after this time non-members will pay a fee of £1. You must present your staff or student card to gain access.

Bike Hub 

The Bike Hub is on campus near the E C Stoner building. Services such as bike hire and maintenance are available. You can find out more on the Bike Hub webpage. If you need any advice on cycling or help with bike maintenance, then contact bikehub@leeds.ac.uk.

Check the active travel page for infromation on the Bike Hub, bike maintanance, routes on campus and cyclying safely around campus and the city.


Leeds has an excellent bus service, with buses running throughout the day. Many operators such as First Bus and Arriva are providing service updates online and First Bus is advising on capacity via their app.

All our student residences are on, or close to, frequent bus routes. Single journeys on First Bus, between our campus and University residences, cost £1.20 on the First Bus app or £1.30 by contactless payment with student ID. If you’re going to travel regularly by bus, there are various discounted student travel tickets to help save you money. Don’t forget to take your student ID with you when you travel.

Download these apps to make your journey by bus easier:


If you’re planning on exploring Leeds and the Yorkshire region, travelling by coach is generally cheaper than train but takes longer. 

Most coach services run by National Express and Megabus arrive and depart at the Leeds City Bus and Coach Station in the city centre. Some National Express services also stop outside the Parkinson Building. 

Download these apps to make your journey by coach easier:


If you’re planning on travelling further out of the city, trains are often faster but usually more expensive than coach travel. If you book your ticket two weeks or more in advance, you’re more likely to get a cheaper fare.

You can also save money by being flexible with your travel dates and times. Buying a Railcard will also allow you to save one third of the normal price you’d pay for your tickets. While you’ll have to pay for a Railcard, this will normally last for a year and you’ll make up for what you’ve spent in train ticket savings. There are different Railcard options that you can choose from whether you’re a full-time student, young adult, if you travel with children or with another person regularly. Whenever you buy a ticket using your Railcard, don’t forget to take it with you. You’ll be asked to show it when you board your train.

If you need extra assistance with your journey, contact staff at the train station

Download these apps to make your journey by train easier:


MCard is a prepaid travel card that gives unlimited travel on buses or trains and buses in West Yorkshire. You can top it up with travel tickets that best suit your needs or use the MCard app to buy and store them on your phone. With bus only or bus and train tickets available, wherever you need to be, there'll be a travel ticket for you.

Download the MCard App – Apple Store | Android


There are taxi ranks outside the Parkinson Building and at the bus, coach and train stations, as well as at points around the city centre. You can also stop black and white taxis in the street, but check that the orange taxi sign on the vehicle roof is lit up to show that it’s available.

Only take a marked taxi car, and ask the driver beforehand for an estimation of how much the journey will cost. If you have no immediate access to money for a taxi, you can use the use the Veezu Student Safety Scheme to get home. The scheme allows you to be taken home safely and to pay later, if you have no money on you.

The Uber App also works in Leeds. You can pre-book and pay for a taxi via the Uber app on your phone.

Download these apps to make your journey by taxi easier:



Free parking on campus is available on evenings (5pm - 7am), weekends and university closed days for all students. To register your vehicle for this parking, email carparking@leeds.ac.uk from your University email account stating your name and vehicle registration number. Find out more on the car parking webpage.  

Students who hold a Blue Badge and wish to park on campus are required to apply for a University Blue Badge Permit. This is free of charge and is available throughout the year. For more information please contact the Car Parking Team at carparking@leeds.ac.uk 

If you're a student from outside the UK, you should check all the rules and procedures before driving in the UK as there are very strict legal requirements.

Improving transport in Leeds

If you are travelling to campus, we would love to hear from you to help inform our travel support offering and to provide feedback to city partners including public transport operators on your comments or to raise any issues. If you would like to share your travel to campus experience – or want help or advice on travelling to the University - you can contact us at sustainability@leeds.ac.uk.