Volunteering is a truly rewarding experience and a great use of your free time at university.  

Volunteering allows you to try new things, have fun, meet new people and explore the city. The activities you get involved with not only help you discover your interests but also give you the skills and experience to make you stand out from the crowd on graduation. Most of all though, the knowledge that you made a difference to someone by giving your time is something that’s hard to match.  


Where do I start? 

The volunteering opportunities at the University of Leeds are wide and varied to offer something for everyone, no matter what your interest or how much free time you have. Whether you choose to volunteer with other students on campus or branch out into the Leeds community there are options for all.  


Volunteering with Leeds University Union 

There are so many fantastic volunteering opportunities at Leeds University Union. LUU has over twenty volunteering societies you can join, such as Homed, Student Action for Refugees and Leeds RAG. Most of these groups have free memberships and you can get involved as much or as little as you are able to. Volunteering isn’t just limited to these societies though, many of the faith and cultural groups also offer volunteering opportunities, as do the sports groups. 

You might want to get involved as a Student Representative or sit on an Advisory Board to help make decisions to better the student community and campus  

LUU also needs volunteers to help at organised litter picks, or donating clothes and getting involved with focus groups, so keep an eye on the Engage What’s on Page to see if there are any opportunities which might interest you. 


Volunteering in the Leeds community  

There are hundreds of charities in Leeds who are keen to have student volunteers. Volunteering at a charity or not-for-profit organisation in Leeds is a great way to give back to the city, get to know the local community and break out of the student bubble!  

There are over 100 volunteering roles regularly advertised on the Volunteering Hub so explore the options and find a volunteer role which suits your interests and availability. Here you’ll also find volunteering roles in schools with the Students into Schools programme so if you're keen to support young people in the classroom keep your eye out for these. If you’re not sure where to start and would like some advice, please feel free to email the team at volunteer@leeds.ac.uk  
To find out more visit the Leeds Volunteering Hub on MyCareer  


Volunteering through sport  

Leeds Sport offers a range of volunteering opportunities on campus, in the community and even internationally! It doesn't matter if you're new to volunteering or volunteer regularly, you will be trained and supported to develop your skills and get the most out of your experience.  

Check out regular and one-off volunteering opportunities in sport here: https://sport.leeds.ac.uk/sport/volunteering/ 


Sustainability Volunteering 

By volunteering with the Sustainability Service you will meet and work with other students and staff committed to making positive changes on campus and beyond. You will also gain key sustainability knowledge and skills and have a great time doing so!  

There are a whole range of projects and events throughout the whole year to get involved with. They are all designed to make the University of Leeds a more environmentally and socially responsible place to be.  

You could choose to join us on a monthly litter pick or take part in biodiversity monitoring. We also run a variety of projects in the local community. We provide all the training and support needed to take part and get the most out of volunteering with us. 

Volunteering | Sustainability Service University of Leeds 

Join a Residence Life Social Committee 

If you live in University accommodation, the Residence Life Social Committees (RLSCs) provide you with the opportunity to run events for fellow students in your hall, and to make the most of your time in halls.  

You can find out more and apply on the Residence Life website.  


Intercultural Ambassador Programme 

The Intercultural Ambassadors volunteering programme offers you a global opportunity right here in Leeds. Our Intercultural Ambassadors play a key role in bringing the benefits of the University of Leeds Global Community to students and local people. 

For full information please visit the Intercultural Ambassadors webpage 

The Language Zone  

Language Groups are weekly conversation practice groups in different languages, led by student volunteers who are speakers of that language. They facilitate friendly relaxed sessions on topics such as student life and cross-cultural experience. They are a great way to meet new people who share your passion for learning languages, and a chance to learn things about a language and culture you might not find in textbooks and formal language classes. 

Language Groups run twice a year, in November-December and February-March. 



If you have any questions please contact volunteer@leeds.ac.uk