How to enrol on your modules

If you are studying on a programme which requires you to choose optional or discovery modules, you will complete this first-come, first-served process online through Student Services unless your School has opted out – see enrolment dates for details.  

Students with compulsory modules only do not need to complete online module enrolment. 

Students joining as incoming study abroad students cannot use online module enrolment. For information about selecting your modules please visit the Exchange and Study Abroad webpages. 

How to enrol on your modules

Visit the Enrolment page on Student Services 

  • Log in only once, on one device. A second attempt will log you out of your first session. 

  • If you receive the error message 'Online Enrolment is currently experiencing high demand.', please refresh your browser and confirm form resubmission to continue as instructed. 

You can log in, in advance of module enrolment opening, but you will need to refresh the page once it opens at 10am (UK time).


This video is a step by step on how to successfully enrol on a module. 

Navigate through each of the five steps of the module enrolment checklist in order to complete the process.


Enrolment menu and summary, displaying the five steps of the enrolment checklist

 When you've confirmed your module enrolment, a confirmation email will be sent to your University email address. Whilst online enrolment is open you can return to Student Services to amend your module choices, even if you have confirmed your choices during the final step.  

If you have selected a discovery module that is also an optional module, you will see the module and credits listed twice in the confirmation email. This is just how the email is generated, you will not be enrolled for the module twice. If you return to the Module/Timetable tab in Student Services and select the first link View enrolled modules, you will see exactly what is on your Student Record. 

Screenshot of Module/Timetable tab. 

Screenshot of Module/Timetable tab


Encountering difficulties?

1) Accessing online module enrolment

Please check the When to enrol page for the availability. If you see a message saying you are not a student in this term please contact your Parent School as they need to arrange for your record to be updated.

2) Navigating online module enrolment

For step-by-step guidance with screenshots please visit our module enrolment guide.

You can enrol on just some of your required credits initially but please bear in mind that module enrolment works on a first come first served basis. You should return to fulfil your credit requirements for the year before module enrolment closes.

3) Module Choices/Changes

If the module you wish to enrol on is full or reserved please contact the teaching School of the module to find out what your options are - waiting lists or capacity adjustments are managed by the Schools themselves.

If you wish to discuss a timetable clash contact your School timetabler.

For queries relating to supernumerary/additional modules to your programme requirements please contact your parent School.

4) Technical issues/Error messages

If you have technical issues with the module enrolment system please email us. When emailing us, please:

  • Use your University email address
  • Include your student ID 
  • Send screenshots and error messages

5) Credit error messages

Some programmes have a minimum and maximum credit requirement. For example, you may be able to choose between a 10-credit or a 15-credit optional module which could mean you may enrol for 120 or 125 credits. The system only recognises the maximum figure, so a warning message is displayed if you do not select the maximum number of credits. However, this is only a warning message and as long as you meet the minimum requirement for your programme you can proceed. 

If you are still unsure, please contact your parent school as they will have the final decision on your module choices.