The Beaumont Award

The University of Leeds Beaumont Award recognises research projects undertaken by undergraduate students from any discipline. This might be a final year project, a research project, or related to an internship pursued at the University.

The Award

The award is inspired by the life and work of Michael Faraday, whose discoveries were crucial in the development of technological innovation.

It is sponsored by Professor Adam Beaumont, CEO of aql and a visiting Professor in Cybersecurity at the University of Leeds.

Each winning student will be awarded £500 cash, and will receive an engraved medal. They will also be offered the opportunity to take up a free place at the Enterprise Boot Camp run by Spark at the University’s Careers Centre.

Award Eligibility

All final year undergraduate and integrated Masters students from any discipline who have completed research projects can apply.


  • Ability to explain your research to non-specialists
  • The potential application of the findings
  • The level of innovation as demonstrated through, for example, the use of creative scientific methods
  • Ethical awareness displayed within the research
  • Ability and potential to benefit society
  • Application of the research in terms of future research etc

How to Apply

Applications for the 2024 Beaumont Awards are now open!

To apply for this award you will need to complete the online application form here.

You will need to write an abstract of 300 words providing a summary of your research including the purpose, method, results/conclusions and the ability/potential to benefit society.

You also need to submit a one minute video clip as an elevator pitch about your application. The video clip does not have to be of professional quality (a hand held device recorded video is acceptable) but the audio needs to be clear and without any interference. Please make the video in a quiet place free from any excessive background noise. 

Your application will also need a statement from your research supervisor.

Please note, if you have completed research as part of a group project. Applications should be submitted as individuals noting that you have  carried out the research as a group. You should in your own application demonstrate your own individual contributions to the research project. The awards are individual awards based solely on each students application not the research alone.

Application deadline: 28th April 2024 

A celebration event will be held on the 13th June 2024 at the University of Leeds UG Research Conference to honour the winners of the award.

For further information or queries about the award, please contact Rebecca Shaw