Opportunities fund

The Opportunities Fund helps students who would otherwise be unable, for financial reasons, to access extracurricular professional development opportunities offered by the University or external organisations.

In appropriate circumstances the fund can provide help towards the cost of:

  • childcare
  • travel costs
  • attendance fees for courses, conferences or residential training events
  • other expenses

Applications up to £500 are normally considered. Awards above £500 can be considered but it is suggested that you contact us before making an application.

Types of activities 

Examples of activities that may be funded include (but are not limited to):

  • summer abroad placements
  • internships and volunteering opportunities
  • attendance at conferences
  • accessing University of Leeds events

There are lots of different places you can search for activities but as a starting point, you may want to look at the volunteering opportunities on the LeedsforLife website or internships with the Leeds Internship Programme.

We would always encourage you to get in touch to check whether the Opportunities Fund is appropriate for whatever you are seeking funding for. Whilst we are unable to provide funding support for everything, we would like to signpost you to other funding sources at the University such as:


To apply to the fund you must be a a student with access to the Plus Programme, having entered the University through one of the following routes:

  • successfully completed the Access to Leeds programme
  • successfully completed the Realising Opportunities programme
  • care Leaver
  • estranged student
  • refugee/Humanitarian Protection Status
  • undergraduate means-tested scholarship recipient
  • Leeds Masters Scholarship recipient
  • young carer

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, are unsure where to start or if you have any other enquiry, please get in touch by emailing theplusprogramme@leeds.ac.uk.