Plus Programme FAQ

Have you got a question about The Plus Programme? Here is a selection of some frequently asked questions we get.

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Who has access to the Plus Programme/Do I have to sign up?

Students who enter the University through certain routes are automatically given access to the Plus Programme so don’t have to sign up. These include:


  • Students who completed the Access to Leeds or Realising Opportunities programmes 
  • Undergraduate means-tested scholarship recipients
  • Leeds Masters Scholarship recipients
  • Students beginning an Undergraduate degree after completing a foundation year with the Lifelong Learning Centre.

However, if you meet any of the below criteria, you can also gain full access to the Plus Programme:


  • Care Leaver or Care Experienced
  • Studying without parental support
  • Former Young Carer
  • Refugee/Humanitarian Protection Status
  • Entered University from an area of low participation

If you think you might be eligible to receive our support, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

If I don't do anything in my first year, can I start later on?

Of course! Whilst some students get involved in the Plus Programme right at the start of their degree, others choose to engage with us later on in their first year or even in their second year and beyond. Lots of the support we offer will only become relevant to you in your later years of study, so please feel free to get involved at any time during your studies.

Plus Programme Events


What kind of events do you run?

Every year, we run dozens of events for our students around a whole host of themes. These are all around helping you settle in to University, succeed while you're here and go on to whatever you want to do afterwards. Keep checking our events page on the website and reading our Weekly Activity Updates to find out everything we run.

What are Insight Days?

Insight Days are like a one-day work experience for a company. Each one is different, but generally you and a small group of students will be given tours of a company, talks from different members of staff on life working there, activities simulating their work and lots of tips on how to apply. They're a brilliant way to gain a good impression of whether an industry or company is right for you.

What if I've got an idea for a Plus Programme event?

Let us know! If you want to work in a particular industry or company, send us an email and we'll see if we can set up an Insight Day or some other experience. Odds are, if you're interested then you won't be the only Plus Programme student who is! If there's an area of University that you want more support in or if you've got an idea for a social, let us know and we'll see what we can do! We're always keen to get ideas from our students.

Plus Programme Communications


What are the Weekly Activity Updates?

Every Monday during term time, we'll send an email to your University inbox detailing all our upcoming events along with some of the best ones around the University and the city you may have missed. We're always checking every corner of the University for helpful events so that you don't miss a thing.

What are the Monthly Newsletters?

Once a month, we'll send you a newsletter with a few slightly longer pieces about some extra important things. This could be about a big event, an area of the University you might not know about or some helpful information during periods like exam time or closure periods.

What is your Facebook group for?

Lots of stuff! Our Facebook group is a place for Plus Programme students to meet, stay in touch, find out who's going to various events and talk about topics of interest. It's also a place where you can find out about some extra events or things going on around the University. A must-join if you want to stay completely in the know.