Clubs and Societies Associated Costs Fund

The Clubs and Societies Associated Costs Fund exists to help Plus Programme students access the full range of Clubs and Societies at Leeds University Union.

As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply to have up to £200 reimbursed from costs you have incurred over the 23/24 Academic Year as a society member.

Looking to have your society membership fees reimbursed? Take a look at the Clubs and Societies Membership Fund here.

Applications to the fund for Semester 1 applications closed on the 14th January 2024 but they will re-open for Semester 2 in late January 2024. This means no applications for reimbursement of costs incurred during Semester 1 will be accepted after 14th January 2024. It is recommended that you submit your claim to this fund as soon as you are able to, to give you the best opportunity to receive a reimbursement. The funding pot is finite and the Plus Programme reserve the right to close the funding pot at any time, once the funding has been exhausted


Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be registered on the Plus Programme, or eligible to join. For those not currently registered, you can find info on how to apply for membership here.
  • Costs must have been incurred during the 2023/24 academic year.
  • You must have been a member of the relevant society at the point in which you paid for the associated costs.
  • Only personal costs related to society activity will be eligible. For example, if equipment was bought by the applicant for the benefit or use of the whole society, this is not eligible.
  • You must have acceptable proof of purchase for anything you are claiming reimbursement on.

Costs you can claim for:

You can claim for any of the below costs. All costs must have been incurred specifically and solely to enable you to take part in the club or society.

  • Equipment: For example, sports, activewear, scripts, etc
  • Regular classes/sessions: Receipts must be signed and dated by the coach/instructor if not purchased through Engage
  • Ticketed events: These must be for society core activity or Christmas/Summer balls ONLY (must be purchased through Engage, Fixr, or Eventbrite)
  • Domestic Trips Away: See FAQ below
  • International Trips Away
  • Merchandise: Official merchandise, for example hoodies, t-shirts, bags, etc
  • Competitions/matches: Receipts must be signed and dated by the provider if not purchased through Engage
  • Gradings: Receipts must be signed and dated by the provider if not purchased through Engage
  • Insurance/membership of a professional body: Only if required or relevant to society activity
  • Travel: See FAQ below
  • Society membership add on cost



You must complete the online application form here, which will be reviewed as quickly as possible.

Contact the Student Activities Team at LUU via their email address with any questions relating to a prospective or existing application.


What counts as proof of purchase?

If you made the purchase through Engage, you just need to provide your transaction ID number so LUU can verify it. You can find this on your confirmation email.

If your purchase was made elsewhere, you need to provide a full receipt which includes the date. 

For regular classes, sessions, or for gradings or competitions etc where you may not receive a full receipt automatically, please ask your coach/instructor to provide a receipt and to sign and date this. 

Insufficient evidence will mean your application is rejected so please make sure you have the receipt before submitting our forms. 

I can’t find my receipt, email confirmation or other proof of purchase. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately, we can only approve applications where proof of purchase is provided. Screenshots of bank balances/statements cannot be accepted. If you are unsure whether your proof of purchase is valid, please contact the Student Activities Team at LUU via their email address

What if the cost I want to claim for isn’t listed above?

We are only able to accept applications relating to the costs above. However, if you have a cost not listed above, we encourage you to fill the form in and click ‘other’ when selecting your cost type – this will give you an opportunity to explain the cost you wish to claim for. When we evaluate the fund, we will take all costs into account to see what may be added in future iterations of the fund.

Can I apply for reimbursement multiple times or for costs from more than one society?

Yes! We encourage all Plus Programme students to claim for as many costs as they can until they reach the £200 limit. It does not matter if they go over multiple categories or societies. You can submit one application for each type of cost (for example, all the classes you attended for a martial arts society).

What if my costs go over £200?

You are welcome to apply for reimbursement on costs that were over £200. If accepted, you will be refunded the maximum £200. No student will receive over £200 from the fund.

How do I submit proof of purchase?

If your expense was purchased through Engage, you will need to provide the transaction ID. If it was not purchased through Engage, you will need to email your proof of purchase to, clearly stating your name and student ID in the email and using the subject ‘Plus Programme Associated Costs Fund Proof of Purchase’.

What counts as ‘core activity’ under ticketed events?

Core activity counts as the activity that is most relevant to your society. For example if Wine Society had a wine tasting event, this would count as their core activity, However, if a sports club decided to host this type of activity, this would not be eligible for a refund under the fund. LUU and the Plus Programme have the final decision on any application and we encourage you to get in touch with the Student Activities Team via email at if you are unsure whether or not your application is eligible.

What if my club/society are selling items/tickets/memberships not on Engage (i.e. they are accepting cash payments or bank transfers)?

Unfortunately we will not accept bank statements, transfers to individuals, cash payments or social media messages as proof of payment. If you are asked by a society to pay an individual committee member for example, please email the Student Activities Team at before submitting an application.  

My society membership is free but I need to purchase a membership add-on, which form should I use?

Please use the associated costs form here for anything that is not a membership (i.e. is not purchased through the memberships tab of the group’s page). Any add-ons or memberships for more than one year can be claimed using this form. 

What classes as a domestic trip?

A domestic trip is classed as a trip outside of the Leeds area. If you are attending an event within Leeds, please consider whether it could be classed within one of the other categories. 

What transport costs can I claim for?

Private vehicles:
-    For private vehicles, we will pay for your mileage for eligible journeys at the rate set by the University. Please still submit a fuel receipt to prove the cost was incurred. 
-    We will only reimburse for journeys outside of the Leeds area.
-    If you are claiming for fuel/mileage costs, you must provide information on your start and end points of your journey and calculate the mileage. Please also provide the dates and times of the journeys. 

Public Transport:
-    All journeys both around and beyond the Leeds area are eligible, providing they meet the criteria previously mentioned in this form.
-    All public transport costs for eligible journeys can be reimbursed. Please provide full receipts which must include date and time of the journey. Failure to provide full receipts will mean your application is unsuccessful.