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China visa guidelines

Hong Kong visa guidelines

Chile visa guidelines

Brazil visa guidelines

Opening a bank account

HUWISU programme overview (PDF)

Study abroad coordinators (PDF)

International Students: Disability Related Support Requirements

Canada visa guidelines

Singapore visa guidelines

International Disabled Student Support Form

Study Abroad Welcome Programme 2019

Testing cuttlefish camouflage success on predatory fish

Reconciling the 3D architecture of intracellular membrane compartments with changes in the protein expression in the ageing heart

Targeting epigenetic mechanisms as potential treatments of neuronal disorders

Human Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology

Generating modelling geometry from real-world hydraulic structures -using LIDAR and photogrammetry

Efficiently Dispersing Imaging Agents in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Intelligent Planning for Robotic Grasping using a Soft Manipulator

Leeds to New York student leadership programme application guidance

Border Force travel checklist

Faculty of Biological Sciences ceremony split 2016

School of Languages, Cultures and Societies ceremony split 2016

Leeds University Business School ceremony split 2016

School of History ceremony split 2016

School of Mathematics ceremony split 2016

School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science ceremony split 2016

Computing PG Timetable

Chemical and Process Engineering PG Timetable 201920

Graduation Guide December 2016

Wuhan 2017 Summer School

Summer 2017 Opportunities - Independent Applicants

How To Get The Best Out of Your Support Leaflet

Student Case Studies

Former student transcript price list

How to apply for a former student transcript

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Service Information Days

Doctoral College March Newsletter

Laidlaw Scholar Profiles 2019

Disability Service panel terms of reference

Opportunities Fund 2022-23 Guidance

2020 Academic-led Project List

LLC Academic Project List 2020

WBA and Entrustment Guide

Laidlaw Scholar Profiles 2020 Cohort

Disability Services Student Handbook 2020

Disability Services handbook Word

Erasmus+ Student Charter

Disability Services mental health support PDF

Disability Services mental health Word

Study Abroad Feedback Form

MBChB Student Support

MBChB Student Support Handbook

Erasmus+ To Do List

MBChB Financial Support

MBChB Curriculum Overview

Online support for students infographic

Part-Time Leeds Bursary Application v8

Managing your psychological wellbeing during the COVID-19 crisis

Transition to Leeds resource release timeline

Support for autistic students

Setting up your workstation 1

Covid-19 FAQ

Symptoms suggestive of COVID-19

School of Medicine students COVID reporting and self-isolation – what should you do

Checking your exam arrangements_1120

Certificate of Attendance (study - end of placement)

SFE Funding for a BCLA 22/23

SFE Funding for Study Abroad 22/23

SFE Travel Grant 22/23

SFE Funding for Work Placement Abroad 22/23

SFE Funding for Work Placement UK 22/23

SFE Loan Application Guide Study Abroad 22/23

SFE Loan Application Guide Work Placement 22/23

SFE Funding - How to get the London rate

How to make changes to your SFE loan online

Disability evidence form

Evidence all other disabilities form

Financial support and help for medical students

SFE Funding for an Inverted Study Abroad Year 22/23

How to report when you see things go wrong

School of Medicine Mitigating Circumstances application

Graduate Opportunities Fund 2021

Placement FAQs

Travel Abroad Policy 2021-22

Risk Awareness Form 2021-22

Risk Awareness Form Guidance Notes

Risk Awareness Form Example

Med group flyer - in brief 2021-22

Mindful Relaxation group flyer 2021-22

Supporting info for Zoom Online Meditation Group 2020-21


Disability Services Student Panel Terms of Reference 2021

Disability Advisory Team

SWT student handbook

Digital Tools for Students 2021

Laidlaw Profiles 21 updated

Global Leadership Forum Flier

Disability at university

Information PPT

Guidelines for writing CVs and Covering Letters

DBS Privacy Statement

MyCareer privacy notice

Professionalism Statement

Chemistry Level 2 - induction timetable 2022 (provisional)

FAF guidance for students 22-23

FAF guidance for staff 22-23

Civil Engineering Undergraduate Induction Schedule 2022

Civil Engineering Postgraduate Induction Schedule 2022

Civil Engineering Advanced Concrete Technology Induction Schedule 2022

Law Undergraduate Welcome Week Timetable 2022

Law Postgraduate Welcome Week Timetable 2022

Disability Advisory Team

MyCareer Image 1

SFE NHS Travel Grant

School of Civil Engineering - MSc WASH Induction Timetable - 2023/24

School of Civil Engineering - Undergraduate Induction Timetable 2023/24

Laidlaw 2023 Cohort Research Projects

Language Centre Visa Extension

2018 Beaumont Award Winners

Disabled Students Access Fund

School of Civil Engineering - UG Equipment Information (2023/24)

School of Civil Engineering - Postgraduate Induction Timetable (2023/24)

DS Privacy Notice

Support Worker Team Student Handbook