Stella Spriggs

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Working in a team has given me a better understanding of what it would be like in a team work environment. The nature of the project and the quick turnaround from brainstorming an idea to presenting our final work improved my ability to work to short deadlines and communicate information effectively, a skill which I think will be of great use on job assessment days and in everyday workplace scenarios. I expected the programme to be based around being a leader from the front, but I have learnt that there are so many more aspects to leadership.  l learnt that even though I may be less confident at standing at the front leading, I lead in other effective ways, such as talking with people on an individual basis, and being an active listener, but then also being prepared to take the front facing role when required.  I learnt to put a greater value on my listening skills, and this has given me much greater confidence in my leadership and team roles.