Graduation Visa Invitation

If you have friends or family members visiting from outside of the UK to attend your graduation ceremony they may need a visa.

Check if they need a visa using this questionnaire.

The Invitation for graduation is something you will need to write yourself. We've provided a template you can use to help with this.

To support your application you can submit a copy of the confirmation email you will receive when you book your graduation you can also print off the summary page which is the final page during graduation registration.

If you're inviting your visitor for your graduation ceremony you can request a Student Registration Status Certificate  and choose the option for ‘graduation invitation’. This letter includes your eligibility to attend a ceremony.   

Please apply for this document in a timely manner as they can take up to 4 weeks to produce. Only hard copies are accepted and should not be older than 6 months.


Invitation Letter Template 

Use this as a template to invite your visitor. You will need to change it to reflect your situation.

[Your UK address]   

Date ………………

To Whom It May Concern:

I, [your name] [your date of birth], would like to invite my [friend/wife/husband/mother etc.] [their name] to stay with me as my visitor during my stay in Leeds/attend my graduation ceremony..  I am a full-time registered student studying in the department of [insert name of department] at the University of Leeds.

I have adequate accommodation and sufficient funding to sustain him/her/them during his/her/their visit. Or I have enclosed a hotel booking.

I am enclosing the following documents:

  •     A copy of my passport and/or Biometric Residence Permit showing my present visa conditions
  •     A Student Registration Status Certificate
  •     A copy of my accommodation contract / tenancy agreement (if your visitors are staying with you)
  •     A copy of a recent bank statement and sponsorship letter (if you will be supporting your visitors)

Yours faithfully,