Fraudulent phone calls

Be aware that a number of international students in the UK have been targeted by fraudsters pretending to work for UKVI, or for the police or another official authority in their home country.

These fraudsters phone students and say that there is a problem with their visa or tell them they are suspected of a crime such as money laundering. The fraudsters usually ask for payment and personal details. The fraudsters may be very convincing and have very specific personal information about the students they call. They may ask for payment in the form of apple/iTunes or similar vouchers.

If you receive a call like this DO NOT provide any payment or personal details. Seek advice from the International Student Office about any suspicious or worrying phone calls. Officials from UKVI will NOT phone you to request any additional payment or your personal details.  If someone phones you, simply end the call or inform the caller that you are seeking advice from the International Student Office.  Contact the International Student Office immediately and we will help you check and report it.

Further information and guidance is available from UKVI and please also see useful information about scams and fraud from UKCISA

International Students should always seek advice from an authorised immigration adviser regarding any aspect of their visa and immigration