Responding to your feedback

The University takes student views seriously and uses student feedback to inform decision making processes and improve the student experience. This happens in a variety of ways, some of which are listed below. 

Student Surveys 

Every year, students at the University of Leeds complete a variety of surveys and reviews. These include National Student Survey (NSS) for final year undergraduates, Programme Survey and Taught Postgraduate Programme Survey, and Postgraduate Researcher Experience Survey. The feedback that you provide in these surveys helps to guide the decisions that the university makes. Many of the initiatives that you see at the University are in response to this feedback. 

Student Representatives 

At Leeds there are several different kinds of student representatives, who gather your feedback and present this to different meetings and committees: 

  • Course Representatives work at programme level to gather feedback and take this to Student Staff Partnership Forum, a student-led meeting where they present feedback to staff and receive responses from them. 

  • School Representatives represent the whole School at either undergraduate or taught postgraduate level. They work with Course Representatives to identify common themes in student feedback, and they take this to meetings in the School and Faculty, where they either present this feedback, or use it to help to shape and create university policies. 

  • PGR Representatives do the same job as School Representatives, only for postgraduate research students. 

  • Members of LUU’s Student Exec attend numerous meetings at University level on students’ behalf. They make sure that relevant student feedback is highlighted in these meetings, so that when decisions are made or policies are drafted, these respond to student feedback. 

External Examiner Reports and Responses 

External examiners produce annual reports on the quality and standards of each programme and the fairness of the assessment procedures. Schools review and respond to each report. Reports inform developments related to modules and programmes, as well as the School Action Plan. Please contact the Quality Assurance Team if you wish to view external examiner reports and responses. 

School Action Plans 

Schools produce an action plan in response to feedback on the student experience using survey results (including the National Student Survey) and other feedback, such as external examiner reports. School Action Plans are developed in partnership with School Representatives and are regularly updated throughout the academic year. School Action Plans are routinely considered at School Taught Student Education Committees and Faculty Taught Student Education Committees. Please contact the Quality Assurance Team if you wish to view School Action Plans.