How to register

Registration takes two steps - completing online registration (for all students each year) and picking up your student ID card (for all new students). You'll find details on how to complete these steps here.

When to register

Please register as early as you can. You won't be able to access University facilities until you have registered.

  • Home students can register before they arrive at University
  • International students can register once they arrive (if you're an international student, make sure you go to your welcome talk and collect your welcome pack before you start registration)
  • Research students can register one month earlier than their official start date or anniversary of the start date. You'll be told when you can register by your school (please check your offer letter as you may need to show academic documents prior to or upon arrival before you can access online registration).

For all students, you can complete the online steps one month before your start date. The deadline for registering is usually four weeks after your programme of study starts. 

For new students, you must then collect your student ID card before your course starts. If you don't collect your card, you have not completed registration. You won't be able to use IT and library facilities and it may cause a delay in any student loan payments.

How to register

You can complete the online registration steps from any computer with internet access, through the Portal. Computing facilities are available on campus if you can't register before you arrive.

Firstly, please look at the information and documents list and gather the documents you'll need ready for the online registration process.

Next, log in to the Portal and click on the ‘Academic Admin’ tab at the top of the page. Follow the on screen instructions to access registration.

Complete the seven online steps:

  1. Personal details 1
  2. Personal details 2
  3. Addresses, telephone numbers and emergency contacts
  4. Sports membership
  5. Programme of study details
  6. Fee payment arrangements
  7. Student declaration 

There is an online help facility to assist you in providing the correct information. To access the Help facility, click on "HELP" in the top right hand corner of each screen.

Finally, to become a registered student, you'll need to have your identity verified to collect your student ID card. If your course starts in September or October, you can upload a photo for your card online at the end of online registration. You will receive an email when your card is ready to collect. If your course does not start in September or October, you will need to have your photograph taken at the Student Services Counter.

How to pay your tuition fees

There are various ways to pay your tuition fees:

  • you, or a parent or guardian may be paying some or all of your fees directly
  • you may have a sponsorship or a scholarship
  • if you are a UK or EU taught student, you may be eligible for a loan to cover the cost of your fees

There are specific payment arrangements and options available depending on your circumstances. Further information about tuition fees and payment arrangements is available on the ways to pay page.