How and when to apply

You can apply by picking up a form from the Student Services Centre counter. You will also need to return your completed application and supporting documents in person.


If you are away from University (eg on your year abroad or industrial placement), are an external student, or are temporarily withdrawn, email the Funding team to ask for a form to be posted out to you and then return your application and evidence by post.


When we receive your form, a member of the Funding team will check through the application and evidence, and assess whether we need any further information or documentation. 

If we do require further information, we will inform you by email to your University email address. You will need to check your University email account regularly to prevent unnecessary delays in your application. You must tell us if your University email account is suspended.

Contact the Funding team if you need help or have any questions or get advice from the Student Advice Centre at Leeds University Union.

When to apply

You must make your application with all necessary evidence by the last day of your personal academic year (24 June 2019 for most students). If your course continues beyond 30 July, you must apply no later than 30 July 2019 to be assessed for the whole of 2018/19.

If you apply during the final month of your academic year or course, any award you receive will only be for the remaining number of weeks and not for the whole academic year. 

You cannot normally submit a second application during the same academic year unless there is a significant change in your financial circumstances.

If your course has a summer vacation, as most full-time undergraduate courses do, you will not usually be considered for help during this period unless you are in one of the following categories:


  • You have dependent children (you should already have applied for all available benefits).
  • You are unable to work due to illness.
  • You are unable to work due to a disability (you should already have applied for all available benefits).
  • You are a care leaver.
  • You have been a Foyer Scheme resident, or participated in a similar scheme for homeless people.
  • You have a financial emergency
  • You are unable to meet course-related costs that are essential to continue your studies


Students with August resits can find information on funding for the resit period on this Examinations webpage.

You can apply for summer costs at any time during your vacation period.


We guarantee a decision will be made within four working weeks of the date you submit your complete application. However, Funding team staff should be able to give you a more realistic estimate of how long the application process will take when you hand in your application form.

It is possible that when we assess your application, we may need further information and evidence. If this is the case, we will contact you at your University email address, so check your email to ensure your assessment is not delayed.

You can appeal your decision by outlining the reason in writing to the Leeds Hardship Fund Appeals Panel. Appeals must be submitted within one calendar month of the date of your decision letter:

c/o The Student Funding Manager
Student Administration
The University of Leeds