How to register in September

Most of our students register in September. To guide you through this process, we’ve provided details on what you need to do, key dates, locations and who to contact if you need help.

The registration process

You'll need to register at the start of every academic year. There are two parts to the process:

  • Part A - online registration (this is for new and returning students)
  • Part B - identity checks and collecting documents (for all new students - including graduates from the University who have come through our admissions process to start a new course)

Please read what you will need register before you begin the process as not having the correct documents may delay your registration.

If you are a taught postgraduate or an undergraduate who completed their qualifications before this year, it is likely that your offer letter will ask you to show the originals or certified copies of your required qualifications before you start registration. This is different to the scans you will have uploaded for your application. Details of where to take these are here.

When to register

Part A, online registration, can be completed from the following dates:

  • All returning taught students (undergraduate and postgraduate): 1 August 2018  
  • New UK and EEA taught postgraduate students: 1 August 2018  
  • New incoming study abroad/exchange students: 1 August 2018  
  • New UK and EEA undergraduate students: 29 August 2018  
  • Research students: one month before your official start/anniversary of start date  
  • International students (not study abroad/exchange): you must wait to register after you arrive (from the dates above). 

Part B, identity checks and collecting documents can be completed on weekdays on campus. Read the Part B section below for more information about where to go. 

All students starting a course in September are expected to complete registration by 12 October 2018. Students who have not fully registered by this date due to delays in documentation or fee payment must as priority discuss their next steps with the relevant department (see contact details below in Where To Get Further Help) and must have an agreed plan of action with this department. After 29 October 2018, non-registered September start students will standardly be withdrawn from their course due to failure to register.

If you're an international student you'll need to attend your welcome talk and collect your welcome pack before you start registration. To find out how to register outside of these dates read our page on how to register outside of September

Part A: the online registration steps

You'll need to log in to using your IT username and password.
  • New students: visit to get your username and password. You'll need to enter your student ID number and date of birth.
  • Returning students: If you’ve forgotten your password, please reset your password.
Once you've logged in, click on the Access Student Services icon in the top right, log in again then click 'Registration' and follow the on-screen instructions.

You will see a page called Registration Certificate at the end, and be able to access a PDF version. New students in particular should save this as you'll be asked if you have an electronic or printed copy at your identity check.

Part B: identity checks and collecting your student ID card

New students starting their course in or after September 2017 will need to have an identity check to be fully registered. Please note, this is a separate process from a qualifications check. A small number of students may not need this due to the type of course they are on, however every new student with a Student Loan needs to have this identity check for us to be able to confirm your attendance and registration at the University to the Student Loans Company. You can then collect your student ID card in the same location once you’ve had an identity check. If you need to collect a BRP at the University, this happens in the same location.

For the identity check, you will need: 

  • UK students – passport and "registration certificate" page of online registration*
  • EEA students – passport/national identity card and "registration certificate" page of online registration*
  • International students - passport and immigration permission documents, BRP certificate/BRP collection email (if needed) and "registration certificate" page of online registration*

You can find out more about the above documents on our what you'll need to register page

*If you haven't been able to complete online registration and are waiting on other processes to complete this, you can usually still complete the identity check and collect an ID card. You just need the identification documents above and your nine digit student ID number (instead of your "registration certificate" page). You will be issued with a reminder that you have not yet completed full registration as part of the identity check if you do this.

Take these documents on a weekday to: 

  • Monday 17 September to Friday 5 October 2018: All students go to the Great Hall, weekdays from 9am to 5pm (the Welcome Team will guide you). 
  • From Monday 8 October 2018: please check our Registering Outside September pages.

You can apply for your student ID card and verify your identity online if you are not on campus to complete your course or if you can’t complete the process in person for any reason.

After you've registered

Your parent school will invite you to attend induction sessions that will give you more information about your course. You'll also have the opportunity to meet your tutors and find out more about the facilities and resources available. Take a look at our arrival pages to find out more about starting life as a student in Leeds.

Common problems during registration 

    If you receive an error message when retrieving your username and password, check that you are:
    • a new student, and don't already have a username and password 
    • entering your nine digit Student ID number
    • entering your date of birth as provided on your application
    • not trying to collect your username and password before the date shown on the page
    • have accepted your offer to study at the University of Leeds on your admissions portal 

    If you need help during the online registration process, click on “HELP” in the top right hand corner of the screen. 

    If you can’t complete registration because of issues relating to your fee payment, you can contact the Student Fees team (contact details are below)

    • If you’re a UK or EEA student who is expecting a student loan to pay for your fees, this must be approved by the Student Loans Company before it is linked to your university file. Your student loan will be released after you have completed all of the registration process. It will not be released if you have deferred registration.
    • If your loan is for postgraduate study, you’ll need to set up an instalment plan to pay your tuition fees before you will be able to register. 

Where to get further help

    For further help and advice on the registration process you can contact our Registration Helpline. Email or telephone 0800 9150402 (within UK) or +44 113 343 7000 (outside UK).

    You can also contact the following teams for specific issues you may be facing: